Clan member(s) destroy 1 of my homes, if i leave clan i leave everything to

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Region: EU

someone or multiple people in the clan i joined, destroyed 1 of my buildings, it took ages to make!!!
so i wanted to leave the clan, but than i leave everything to the clan of bastads???

a person leaves a clan because he does notlike them anymore, or wants to move on, why in hell would you wanna leave anything to them regardless of the cercumstances, who made up this idiot thing???, whos idea was this???..

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. join a clan
  2. wait for a ■■■■■■■ to join
    3.wait till someone wrecks your stuff i leave clan
    5, leave everything you made in the 100-200-300 hours you played to the fúcktards you wanna leave…

whomever came up with this mechanic, needs to play more games in clans!!!,

And where is the bug? When you join a clan, everything becomes the clans property not yours. Think before you join a clan. What you can do is go to Suggestions to suggest a change to the property system or to General Discussion to cry about the present mechanic.


This is not a bug. It may not be how the mechanic should work according to you (and I’d agree with you).

This is why I don’t join clans though, I don’t have real-life friends who play the game, and those are basically the only ones I’d trust not to f—k me over.

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Well you can still get even and dismantle their base and of course leave the clan with backpack full of goodies. What’s the big deal?


Not a bug, this works as intended. Something like being invited to a clan to get all of your work stolen and kicked is a possibility the devs thought of and consider part of the experience. Good news: You can do it too. Sounds like it’s time to collect supplies from your soon to be former clanmates and ditch. :wink:

Mmmm well, I have a few suggestions.

Assuming you are still in the clan, take all your stuff and their stuff and leave. Even if you could take your bases with you, they are just going to knock them down. Take the valuable stuff and find secret hidden locations and build there.

I have to admit that the Wedge Foundation Bug destroyed or badly damaged my bases, so I understand how you feel. Exiles is like this however. Find a PVE private server with civil peeps and a good admin.

Another idea is to make a trubechet and shell their properties, preferably when they are not on line. You can do a better job that way. Nothing says I WUB JOO like wrecking a base that way. You Tube has lots of videos on the subject.

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