Clan Bug after leaving

Game mode: [Online
Problem: | Bug
Region: [Beginner Area]

Hello Everyone

Im in A clan with a random PLayer and I cant use my own house after I left the clan. What should I do

Nothing. This is not a bug. Clanning should only be done with individuals you truly trust.

So I will give a little more info when you clan up all buildings owned by the clan however when in the clan if you are not the last person leaving al structure are left to the clan but if you are the last member and leave all the clan structures are yours so basically if the one guy leaves everything you owned is now his even though it still is since he is the last one but if anyone joins the clan they have access to all of it so it is kind of all for one and one for all so you practically lost everything sorry how ever how over to general dissustions and ask for more info as others can help you better than me lol

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If you want your stuff back you gotta rejoin the clan simple as that. The building/loot belong to the clan leader.

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