Punishment for being too good

so let me start by saying I’ve played the game from day 1 and love the game but i found a few things funny.

  1. i beat the crap out of a griefing clan that came to our server, they got very salty in global so i told them to leave in peace or id track them on battlemetrics to the next server. next day the server now dont report player names.
    2)ive built roads to connect all my bases on server, yet another team joins the server to grief and builds boxes around the obilisks with archers and poison arrows so i wipe them and put my roads close enough to stop building around the ob. next day yet again a patch blocks my roads.
  2. i get a thralls with great stats 61 points in str. +20 with perks and armor. next day yet again a patch and boom my thrall now has 41str. +20 like wtf. this all seems like punishment for being to good.
    i could list 3-5 more times this has happened but i’ll keep it short.

if you want me to be a tester just ask don’t sneak around monitoring me like some hood rat in the night to make your game better, simply ask me.

You forgot to mention where you asked them…


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