Do not implement a follower cap

This is a really bad idea. The caps are tiny. You will make people quit playing.

I am a solo player on an official PvE server. My cap would be 55 followers.

I currently have:

  • 11 map-rooms, with 13 followers each for 143 followers.
  • My main base has 100 followers.
  • I have a prison tower with a named thrall collection with 63 followers.
  • I have a market where I sell things to other players with 45 followers.
  • I have a temple with 22 followers.

I have a total of 373 followers out of the 55 I would be limited to.

What should I get rid of? All of my map-rooms that provide a teleportation network to everyone else who plays on the server? My main base? My prison tower that keeps the game fun? My market where I help everyone else with resources and items they want? I don’t really need a temple, though I use it as a warehouse to store materials I sell in the market, and losing it to reduce my followers by 22 would in no way make me enjoy the game more.

I can understand that PvP may have more of an issue with follower spam, but if that’s the case, at least leave PvE servers alone.


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