PvE-C Servers Only: Followers Server Cap discussion

For PvE-C Servers only. What is the number of followers the PvE-C servers should have?

50 + 20, (250) for example.

I believe each server type should have different follower rules for their own player base. What are your thoughts on the matter?

I am fine with a cap of overall 200 but that is me. My clan has 88 with 6 members. (Do not know the exact number.)

My proposal would be 50 + 15 (Cap would be 200 if there is a clan of 10 on PvE servers) 65 for a single player.

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Yeah, 50 + 15 sounds perfectly reasonable. Having 65 followers for a clanless player is quite comfortable, and 200 maximum is a much more reasonable cap than 100, without going too high.

I would also be okay with 0 + 30, which would eliminate the disincentive to clanning. True, 300 sounds high, but I haven’t seen many 10-player clans on PVE-C servers. And although 30 sounds like it’s not much, it should be enough per player.

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