About thrall and pet limit

i thought it was said they was suppose to add in the thrall and pet limit on the next patch… i just read all the test live patch notes and i don’t see nothing on it about the thrall and pet limit …

I’m curious about this too, as I have a lot of thralls and pets in my server

same here

the patch is in testlive, they havent said anything so far about the limit it self, the only thing they said is that they will announce the limits for both PVP and PVE with enough time for people to accomodate it, and it is still being discussed internally, we need to have a bit more patience

This is where the confusion lies, if you search on Google for “Thralls/Pets Limit Conan”, you’ll find a Funcom Forum announcement in Nov’ 2019 when they first announced thralls to Conan and it says there there will be a cap limit: “This maximum amount grows depending on the amount of members in the clan. A solo player will have a maximum of 55 available Followers. If they create a clan, and a new member joins the clan, this maximum goes up by 5 to a maximum of 60. Each new clan member will add an additional 5 to the maximum allowed Followers. A full clan will have a maximum limit of 100 placed Followers total.”

Reference: Follower Leveling System and Follower Limit (Now With Added FAQ)

It would seem that due to the feedback received back in 2019, Funcom decided to hold off on the thrall cap until they have a better solution. To the benefit of the community their focus has been on fixes and improving gameplay, less so on thrall caps.

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We’ve answered a similar question regarding this topic in the Testlive patchnotes:


Hope the limit is high enough to an acceptable number like 200 or so, I like to keep my hard earned Greater Pets of each possible type.

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same… plus , when you murg with other clans thats been around for a while also you tend to get some more good thralls so setting the limit under 100 would kill ppl wanting to murg.

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and i wonder if they gonna count in mounts as well to this

Yes, everything which is placed and can be put on follow will count towards the limit: pets, mounts, dancers, archers, fighters, bearers, rescued thralls.

they shouldn’t it should only be for defending guarding thralls and pets not mounts

Mounts don’t fight, but they do have AI. That’s why they count.