Don't add thrall limit

Dear Funcom Don’t add Thrall limit

  1. More people will quit the game than come back too it.
  2. Thralls are the only defense except players.
  3. people who have maintained a server for years won’t be able to if u add it.
  4. One part about the game is dominating how are u supposed to dominate with 100 thralls ??.
  5. Almost no servers are full so 100 cap would not lag the server anyways usually only 1 clan has alot of thralls anyways.
  6. U have no right to add this so many years after release.
  7. Just focus on getting Gods back since u haven’t been able to fix them for a year!?!?.
  8. It will mostly affect the pvp players and thats half the players.
  9. Alot of people have already quit just because u told them u were gonna release thrall limit.
  10. there is no gain from this other than making a small percent happy, and then ■■■■■■■ off every big clan.
  11. How are people with over 1000 thralls gonna remove those they don’t want u want them to press abandon thrall 900 times ?.
  12. Randomly deleting thralls could cause huge bugs and destroy the game.
  13. Make a poll on adding thrall limit or not and make a poll on how many thralls u should be able to have.

About 3. People who have their own private servers are not forced to switch the limit on.

About 6. ???

About 8. Where did you get your numbers from?

About 11. The system will delete thralls randomly, you do not need to do it yourself, unless you want specific thralls to survive.

About 12. How so?

I believe this discussion was already started when the limit was announced and almost all of those points above have been discussed. Besides, we do not know whether or not the limit will still be 55 +5/clanmember when the limit will be enabled, because even Funcom is not sure at the moment what the best number will be.

EDIT: @AndyB Why does the forum software switch my numbers (3, 6, 8, 11, 12) to (3, 4, 5, 6, 7)? I had to add ‘About’ to each line to keep my original numbers :disappointed_relieved:

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Honestly, if your concern comes from the fact that you have 1000 thralls now, this clearly shows why a limiter is needed. Many private servers will enable the limiter because they are actually considering the impact on their server’s performance. The game engine CE uses has its limitations.

Same goes for the “no limit” building on officials. Hard limit on thralls is a step in the right direction, next is imposing a limit on the building and finding alternative ways for people to bring life to their creations.

If people want to go crazy, there are always private servers and singleplayer.


It’s built in to the Discourse forum software, and drives many people nuts including administrators :stuck_out_tongue: Only way around it that always works is what you did, or to flag what you are writing as preformatted text:

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Are there people who actually have 1000 thralls? :open_mouth:

You would be surprised, I’ve seen players with more than that, have to say they are not common, but still :rofl:

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Man, they must have HUUUUGE bases or villages to house all those thralls. Doesn’t the game crash and lag with such large numbers of thralls?

Over 6 animal pens…mmhmm…, stacked, and multiple greater wheels sprawled around the map. I won’t say how they placed them, though. I explored the map on a few servers.

Not necessarily, I’ve seen bases where I had to get through huge hordes of fx Rhinos before even see their base spawn in, some people have placed an insane amount of thralls and pets as a huge barrier around their base, I have a beefy gaming pc with i9 cpu, 32 gb ram, RTX2080TI and had fps drop down to 5-10 when passing such a base :rofl:

We will have to disagree. Specifically:

  1. Unlimited thralls on public servers cause significant performance issues.

  2. I tire of finding thralls from despawned bases where the players have not left the server cluttering the landscape

  3. Funcom has the right to make modifications to the game based on their internal parameters

  4. Players have the right to stop playing on public servers, which are funded by Funcom and are a continuing cost

  5. I like pie


That ship has not only sailed, it has proven the world is round and finished off Moby Dick.

Good. A massive base shouldn’t be invulnerable. Also, the new thralls are ridiculously stronger than the old ones.

Have you tried skill? :wink:

That’s not how lag works. You don’t need thrall owners to be online for their thralls to bring the server to its knees. Seriously, the way this works has been explained so many times that there’s no way you could have missed it.

You’re joking, right? They have no “right”? Exactly what kind of rights are we talking about here?

What does this even have to do with flipping a switch on a feature that has already been implemented and tested?

You don’t play PVE, do you? Otherwise you would have realized that the major uproar over this measure – back when it was announced – came from us PVE(-C) players.

Server performance. Seriously, at least look up some of the discussions we’ve all had before.

It has already been tested. It works.

It’s been discussed. There were several polls made by people on the forums. Seriously, go look.

Finally, a point worth addressing. Most people have little sympathy for someone who went to such excess as to hoard 1000 thralls, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to add some UI to mass-delete thralls. I doubt it’ll happen, though, because it’s more work for Funcom and very few people would use this.


@CodeMage, Excellent post.

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You wouldnt happen to be from FUMBBL would you…

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U say that it will affect mostly PvP players? How? Im a PvP and I rather see no thralls at all or maximum of 20 thralls and alot weaker then how they are rn. U not dominating a server with thralls, u do it with finess and skill.


Exactly! You just earn lags with all the thralls and animals :sweat_smile:

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I am not, just a curmudgeonly old man.

This needs to happen. With the thrall levelling system now thralls are far greater then before. And for the stability of the server performance im all for it. I wish they would implement building restrictions aswell. You dont need 20 castles & 1000 thralls.


pie is good

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To stay alpha on a server u do

Bruh stupidity is very common 0 thralls ? how are u supposed to defend a base with 0 thralls people can just blow in take your stuff and run there is no defence system other than thralls caped at 20 is not enough thats like defending 1 corner of your base