Thrall cap limit?

I’ve seen way too many threads talking about this without a single definitive answer no matter how many forums I search through. People say it’s 400 then someone comes along claiming they have more then 400 starting a large chain of arguments never getting an answer and I’ve never seen dev’s answer this question either. I’d like to know if there is a thrall cap because if it is 400 my clan is about to hit and we need to downgrade to a lower number of buildings. This is important information that doesn’t seem to be readily available with a definitive answer. If anyone can shed some light on this or a dev come and give an official answer it would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

You could always start up a single-player game and spawn in 400+ thralls and start placing them around. I’d be curious the answer.

I have a large to huge base in my SP game. I have never really counted how many thralls I have already placed. As for the number needed, I have only place about 1/3rd what i need.

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