Thralls following

It would be good to have more then one thrall to follow a player around. it’s good when you move from place to place or even use them to help you fight Bosses. just saying it would be Cool…

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It would be cool.

But I think it would be too much to ask for current AI.
Sadly AI is hard to debug and hard to develop, so I don’t think we’ll see this any time soon.

Plus, it would be cool without doubt, but is it needed ?

Just at low level, at high level when you have good legendary weapons and armors to give to your thrall and your thrall is a decent one, one thrall with little help can handle a boss, so having two of them will be just overkilling.

And boss fights are unintended to be handled by low level characters, so I think we’ll never see this happens.

But yes, thinking of me followed by a squad of gorgeous dancers while I boss fight it would be really cool :rofl::crazy_face::nerd_face:

That’s why it is so insane that Funcom didn’t just let players give commands to their following thralls. It would fix so many problems.

AI bugged out because it can’t figure out what it should do or weapon to equip? Well, just toss all that buggy data it’s pouring over out the door, because the player just told it to attack an enemy.

Basically, every time you, as a player, gave a following thrall a command, it would be like a soft reset for that thrall. All the data that is causing it to bug out can be ignored/cleared, and it can start fresh with the order it was given, sort of like rebooting your phone.

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I can’t believe it but yes, I totally agree with you this time :slight_smile:

Well, I suppose you had to be correct about something eventually. :wink:

i’d personally want to see thrall health and damage greatly reduced… and allow us to have more then 1 (i’d say a cap of 10 for performance issue) but this would require a major thrall overhaul and rebalancing… plus better AI for them… one can hope lol

Also keep in mind PvPers might complain about it being used in raids… (Could you imagine a small army of orb bearing thralls being set against the archers you have up on the wall? It could end up being like getting purged, but with actual humans backing up the raid with bombs and trebuches while sniping enemy thralls from a safe distance…)

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I as well would like to see some sort of command on the wheel to tell them not to attack if you’re thumpin someone or attack if they’re just standing there watching your face get flattened.


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not yet released:

  • up to 10 followers
  • pickup thralls and pets
  • rename thralls
  • warcry system similar to the whistle system from ark
  • thralls and pets can drag unconcious thralls
  • thrall state: passiv, neutral and aggressiv

No it is not too much. Mod Better Thralls allows to have more than 1 follower at a time. I’ve got 4 of them in my SP: 1 Bearer, 1 Dancer and 2 Fighters. They are OK - killing bosses in the Unnamed City, knocking out Thralls for me. It would be a great disbalance for PVP I think and too much server load but it’s OK from the AI point of view. 4 followers are not more dumb than 1 follower.

Waiting for this feature eagerly! Testerle you are the genius!

Just one question: how many time they bodyblock you ?

I take them with me to open areas mostly so I can aggro some NPC with arrows and run in circles while they are killing Boss or knocking out Thralls. I rarely fight myself 'cause I just don’t like it. Sometimes I have to climb some cave wall to get past them of course but it is a small price for having my own “clan” or “army” in SP.

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You can already “manage” 2:
Look how:

But its quite the work…

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Yeah I understand, the problem is by “too much to ask to the AI” I meant “being able to fight with them, and they prouve themselfs useful and not an obstacle to me”, because I like to fight instead :slight_smile:

I know the npcs are able to surround an enemy and kill it, but they are unable to avoid bodyblock you while doing it for example.

I’ve a base with 3 fighters in defence and a wight spawn point near of them, when I go there and they fight… well performances during this kind of battle are not the best… to be gentle :wink:

That is why for me is impossible to have them working in a good way :worried:

Even if, of course, I’m sure they’re working quite fine in the way you’re using them, it’s just… sorry it’s not a way I find interesting.

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