Suggestions for Thralls


Have a way to speed up NPC thrall/pet HP regeneration. I ask this because when someone has a big chunk of health, it’s already slow to heal back up to full. Maybe the Shadebloom food could help with this.
Another suggestion: Is it feasible to have more than one thrall following you, or would that be considered too OP?


LOL! Have you fought against 1 decked out Vathis yet? 2 would be pretty brutal to tangle with. :smiley:

Really though - I think it is largely for both balance and technology reasons that you are limited to one following thrall.

Ideas for you: Setup a second thrall at an ambush point. Tactical retreat once you have your enemy on the hook. Reach your other staged thrall, and commence beatings.

As for healing - perhaps try and setup an entertainer somewhere where you can return to quickly after some battle wounds. I believe that the entertainers’ buffs accelerate your healing as well as other thralls’ healing.


I’ve suggested this before, but if there were also a ‘follow target’ selection in the radial selection wheel of thralls, then thralls could be instructed to follow target thralls, which in turn could follow another, which may be already set to follow you. In this way a chain of thralls, or animals, could follow you to another location. Having an inventory of thralls and pets is possible, but is ‘anti-immersive.’ Especially if an opponent starts placing pets in the middle of a battle.


This, while neat, seems like an AI looping nightmare. I think there have been other suggestions for combat thrall placement and movement that are more functional. I would not trust players to NOT abuse a system like this. Let alone trust the Funcom Conan Exiles AI to execute it properly without getting locked up / frozen.


On a similar note, can we turn of friendly fire on your own thralls? Like, i am the biggest threat to my thralls for sure, I cleave them constantly.


I use a spear and a heavy attack when traveling with thralls. I’m less likely to miss my target, or do area damage than with a sword or axe. I would not play on a server with friendly fire off.
As for chains of Thralls, I imagine that having a thrall follow another thrall isn’t much different than having one follow a player. Having thrall A follow thrall B and then having thrall B follow thrall A sounds like they would just stand there looking at each other. A chain would give space between the following pets/thralls.