Can the I in AI please start representing INTELLIGENCE?

Please allow thralls to know the difference between a T1-T3, and a T4. Allow us to give him both a weapon and a truncheon, and he should switch to a truncheon when a T4 is fighting with him.

I really find the thralls frustrating. I played ARK, and because of whistle commands, I had far far more control over what they did.

Add in the bug where when you switch a truncheon in place of the weapon, the thrall starts standing around like an idiot.

I am tired of thralls I want, ending up dead at the hands of my thrall, because I have a weapon in his hands. Just tried to run away fast to stop him from killing an Arch Priest. Nope…he killed him. Really getting tired of the rinse and repeat of killing stuff over and over, and finally a better priest spawns, and my thrall kills him.

Go in alone? Hardly. And anyone who is going to say that is the thing to do…save it…I don’t want to hear it. This game is built around the thralls. With stun lock what it is, you can easily be killed when 3 or more NPCs come at you, and one stun locks you while you are trying to kill another one. I have had as many as 8 surround me. If somebody is watching you, and sees you go down, there goes your stuff.

I simply want more control of my thrall. I want to be able to put a truncheon in his inventory along with a sword, and either he knows what to do with them, or he follows my commands. For a “follower” these guys don’t do much following. They are on their own program. I attack a group of 3 NPCs, and my thrall says, “Squirrel!” and runs off after some group 50 feet away.

I don’t care how it is done, but we need better AI function.

Whistle commands, like ARK has. Or, the follower uses what I use. I have a weapon, he uses a weapon. I switch to truncheon, he switches to a truncheon. Or, I select an option, telling him not to kill T3s, or T4s, which would cause him to switch to a truncheon if one is near him.

Really tired of seeing dead potential thralls, simply because my follower is broken.

Finally, what many people do is just put the truncheon in their inventory with no weapon, then enter a town. Yeah, great. Since the NPCs just wake back up, that’s not going to create a chance for better NPCs. Depressing to go into a town and see nothing but knocked out NPCs.


Agree the game really needs a command system for followers on follow and a sepererate command system for followers in vicinty (i.e within 500m of the character) so you can micro manage the one who follows you in fights (attack my target, passive, defensive, agressive, force switch weapons etc) and so you can command all your guards in your base to stand down if you want visitors or be aggresive when the purge comes. But yes a general improvement to ai so they are more responsive would be very welcome.


I do believe they are indeed working on improving thrall and NPC AI as well as adding more control over them. They haven’t specified what exactly it will look like though.


Yes please, this would all be so helpful, I lost many a purge T4 to an overzealous cimmerian berserker I couldn’t get to fast enough to at least unequip. As well as them randomly targeting enemies within a 100ft range often the ones that are farther away making a 2v3 a 2v8 is really annoying. I’ve done the just give them a truncheon tactic as well but at least I play SP and have the respawn rates high so all I need to do is get really far away and they reset. Not something that works in anything other than SP though, and that’s more of a band-aid over a broken bone situation.

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This is good news, if it will happen.

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Well, I would be happy with my low level thrall using „Dead Leg“ instead of doing nothing…

It happens quite often, that your thrall won‘t engage properly or wouldn‘t draw its weapon…

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if glitched, switch weapons during attack state.

I have done that. I have had my thrall in a non-attack state, no weapon in hand, and I see a T4 thrall, so I run to a safe area. There, I pull the sword out of the thrall’s hand, and give him the truncheon. Then we go back to knock out the T4, and he stands there like an idiot. Meanwhile I am getting my butt kicked by the T4 and a couple of fighters. So, I run and put the sword back, and go another direction to get him to kill something. After the kills, and I see his sword is not in hand, I then put the truncheon in his inventory and take the sword out. Go back to the T4, and one again, he just stands there.

What does work, is just finding a safe spot to log out, and then log back in.


Same here

k jist to be clear, by “safe area” do u mean fighting a weaker enemy? bc by “attack state” i meant while engaged in combat. either way, in the foreseeable future, i suggest ur thralls are single purpose. i have seen this bug manifested and fixed many times, but its never been unfixable. ive also never went to the length of logging out.
deets: on and offline/old ps4/disc/cheap drive

The fix tends to be random, and so does the glitch itself to an extent, sometimes nothing happens but most of the time the Thrall will only pull out their weapon and then just stand there. It’s seems to only happen with two handed weapons, if my thrall is using a one handed weapon the glitch doesn’t seem to occur. The fix was never obvious and I often had to reset the game, I would be out of combat and switch and the only weapon they would use is the two handed weapon, but if I start them out with a truncheon they will only stop if I have them use a two handed weapon.

Your single purpose idea is the wrong solution, as sometimes when hitting a thrall camp you’ll need to kill some of them while knocking only a few. I like to switch weapons when needed instead of having certain thralls dedicated only to a truncheon. My suggestion is setup your thrall to use a one handed weapon, from my experience this prevents the glitch from occurring.

also i guess ppl jist give thralls whatever they wanna give em instead of the wep type they are born with. i dont do that as it was one of the sources of the bug long ago, if that cause is remedied remains to be seen lol

If they want a thrall to use only certain types of weapons, it should say so, and or, not allow you to put bug causing weapons in their inventory. That said, the bug manifests itself when switching back and forth from weapon to truncheon.

Also, if they want to make it such that thralls have preferred weapons, then they need to make them equally good compared to each other when using the best weapon type they prefer. In other words, you can’t gimp the thralls using bow and arrows, or Daggers, or a Mace, etc… Right now, the best weapons to give them are the big swords. Sword of Crom being the ultimate. Adventurer’s Blade not far behind as well as several others.

Not doing so creates Metas. Everyone doing the same thing. For example:

“Get Lian, Erii the Ravager, or a Berserker! They are the best with the Sword of Crom!”

Now that is just a hypothetical example, but you get the idea.

Frankly, I never use Archers as a follower, nor do I use Dancers. I haven’t seen a good reason to do so. Now, if the Archers were more effective…could slow down the boss sufficiently through crippling shots, etc., I might use one, occasionally.

Also, the whole archer arrow thing should be fixed. Most people don’t give their archers good arrows, because they spam them, sometimes at things that are behind a wall. What would be better is that you craft something semi-expensive that you put in their inventory that allows them to keep shooting what you give them. Like a bottomless quiver. I would even be OK with this being something that does slowly diminish. In other words, you give them the quiver, and they shoot arrows you give them, but the amount you give them does slowly go down. Like, they get back 9 of 10 arrows they shoot. This would alleviate the problem with archers spamming the good arrows you give them.

It would give me something to do with the many many stacks of sticks and feathers I have.


Yes, overall this is a big AI problem. But if you go to the city, you must understand that there may be T4 thralls and change the weapons of the slave in advance, since he is a little stupid follower. In general, I can only recommend taking the simplest bow, stun buff and arrows for stunning. To put all at all. Now, with a two-handed sword, you can quickly finish off a sleeping enemy (CTRL). Not the “finishing” which many ask, but greatly facilitates the task of updating the inhabitants of the settlement.
I am completely on the side of the author, followers need some kind of behavior settings.

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