Come on FunCom - thralls that don't engage

So I have a combat thrall with a 1handed weapon. I take the weapon and give it a great 2 handed sword

Well, by Crom of course when I go into combat against a boss, my thrall draws the weapon and doesn’t do a dang thing. I run, go back - nope - stands there. Log out and back in - nope. This is stupid

Come on FunCom… is it really to much to ask that the game works? This is a stupid issue. I mean really?


You have a valid complaint but the snarky digs dont help.

This has been an issue for awhile. Try swapping weapons on the thrall mid combat or using a different thrall for awhile.

Do you have any mods installed?

It also happened to me sometimes, but I solved it by uninstalling Armor Mashup and Conan Sexiles mods.
It was one of the two … I can’t tell you which one.

It’s not caused by mods. Happens on vanilla, official servers all the time (unfortunately).
It’s possible certain mods exacerbate the issue, but they’re not the root cause.


Ah, ok. I play SP on PC. In my case it worked.
I have never played online on official servers, but one day I will try.

Some thralls favor 1h and some 2h, and I guess it’s fine when they only work with their favourite.

What bugs me now -especially since we have to level them through combat- is when they stand idle even though being equipped with the right weapon. This has been an issue for WAY too long for not getting replies from Funcom.

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When this happens to me I take their weapon away until they start punching, then give it back. Doesn’t work 100% of the time, but it works enough.

I still believe this is a myth, caused by this bug, rather than a feature.


I am frustrated by this too. And it may not be related to weapons. As sometime my horse will just sit there and do nothing while an enemy beats me up. Other times he charges into combat immediately.

I think you should be able to set an aggro level on Thralls. Like passive vs. aggressive. Or maybe have thralls that are inherently one or the other.

Aggro thralls will run and attack any enemy that comes near you. Passive will wait for you to be attacked. Atleast it would make more sense of the AI behavior we are seeing.

Thralls are just broken and until Funcom spends some time on them we will just be using one fix after another over and over. I think I play what in heck is that thrall doing now more then Conan lol.

As for the weapon problem I just do not get why after so long with these thralls doing this it has not been fixed its is for sure an issue and its a big issue in the middle of a purge when yu do not have time to run around changing weapons , removing putting back on trying to get them to work but no they just stand there and watch you get your butt kicked.

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Yo dog I heard you liked your myths about bugs inside of bugs.


Bugception: I’m sure both of you know this, I’m just jumping off the convo. :smiley: Certain armor types, when combined with certain thrall body types, cause what I call a superimposition glitch. In this state, the thrall’s mesh and its armor mesh have become either entangled or overlapped, rendering the thrall’s intended movements useless. In this state, a thrall will approach an enemy, target the enemy, but never take an offensive posture.

A telltale symptom of this is when they’re on follow, running over flat natural terrain, and they frequently – at regular intervals – stop and pause, then teleport. During this stop and pause, it’s almost as if they’re engaging in conversation. In this state, you must immediately stay out of aggro and strip everything from them, including weapons … replace armor, shift weapon to inventory and run off. If they run behind you properly, this part of the glitch has been worked around.

I don’t have the inside straight dope on this, but over time it has definitely improved. For me, it’s impossible to say if these meshes have been tightened or refined, because I have only recently begun working with the devkit.

Within this very issue comes another clash between a certain body style/frame, and weapon, or even weapon archetype. In other words, there are particular weapons, of particular size and class, that throw this error more frequently than others. Especially when combined with the armor types and body sizes from above.

To wrap it all up, because people commonly select this type and stature of thrall, they see it happen more frequently.


Lol wut?

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My Freya is…stupid. She has a sword and a bow. Her stats suggest that she would rather use the sword. Crom of course. But instead she Plinks things with the bow. In melee range.

I know she’s an archer. But even Freya in the wild switches.

Mine however hates melee.

A fix for this would be nice.I just use one handers now so I can swap between them and truncheons.Kinda blows at times (Such is Life)

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For fighters that I want to swap weapons on frequently, I’ve had good luck sticking to 1-handed maces. I suspect the fact that the mace and truncheon’s combos are similar helps to keep the AI from bugging out (vs. going 2-hander to trunch), but who knows.

Another work-around that sometimes helps if you don’t have time to do a full reset like @Barnes outlines is to simply remove their helmet. It’s like removing it let’s a fresh breeze whistle thru the empty space between their ears, clearing away the gossamer within.


I sure as hell wasn’t aware of any of that.

What now??? When did all of this become so weird and complicated? Can i be a whiny b*tch and just want the thralls to aggro normally, or at least defend themselves and their master?


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a word from some dev or anyone with actual inside knowledge? So that we actually know what happens and stop assuming things…


It sure would!

Hey all :wave: ,
to speak a little of what I understand of the non attacking thrall bug :confused: ,
your thrall can be in 2 different “mode” , let’s call them normal and combat mode ,
normal mode : your thrall has his weapon and shield in inventory and follows you whitout aggroing anything .
then to swap him into the other mode , combat mode , you need to attack an npc or wild creature ( the thrall will go better into combat mode if there are two or more ennemies closeby while attacking or if you get hit by said npc/wild creature and last but not least try to “kick” the npc you want your thrall to attack it works pretty well also )

so when your thrall is in combat mode he draws his weapon out and starts going towards npcs to attack them . here we can have a two case scenario ,
first one : you attacked a single npc your thrall is going to help you but before he can help you, you kill the npc , in this case he will keep his weapon out while follwing you but won’t have the "going towards any npc combat type " anymore , this is when you should never swap a weapon for another one , cause his attacked will be linked to that specific weapon , meaning we won’t fight untill you put back the weapon you took from him , this scenario can also happen with multiple ennemies if you kill the last one as your thrall is comming weapon in hand to help you kill it and you kill it before he can start attacking it

the second scenario is that the trall killed the ennemies and put his weapon back into inventory , that means he went back to normal mode and you can swap weapons without bug .

I would strongly suggest to not swap weapons while the thrall is attacking ( unless you have already broke the AI and want to give him back the weapon you took off of him ) .

I hope this message will help you understand better what happens :upside_down_face:.

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I can see the logic in what you’re typing. It just doesn’t work like this in reality. I NEVER bother to swap weapons to my thrall. I go in random npc camps or beasts groups, make them aggro, make them damage me, even make them attack the thrall! (Basically hiding behind the thrall).

Even in these situations, I more than often need to kill the bastards myself because mister thrally mc thrallface is just standing there like an armoured mannequin.
Not to mention the times when he starts aggroing with weapon, and then suddenly decides that fist fight should be more fun :man_facepalming:
Once again: I NEVER swap/switch his weapons. He’s got the one I gave him when i pulled him out of his chest, like all my thralls.