Thrall combat oddities

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My one thrall since update so far only attacks with weapon equip in hand, does not unequip(sp?) after combat. A little silly running around with the weapon. This also prevents knock down animations and whatnot on the thrall. If you force an unequip theyll just raise their fists and not attack. I tried fooling around with attack commands and chase distance what not does not change the behavior.

BTW - holy cow…fighting rhinos is straight deadly, especially with new healing mechanics - instant 7 stack bleed. And if you say bring a shield I do but they decide to charge you and mid attack change to thrall(that was a mechanic before update) and the charge will go through your block anyway because of the path/target change.

Oh and elephants are wet noodles now.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Command thrall to follow
2.Pick a fight
3.Thrall has a contest to see how long they can hold weapon without dropping
4.Thralls muscles grow
5.Thrall not a fun dance partner


Same here. Thrall will not pull out their own weapon and fight. If you manually equip they will but then will not put away.

Found dancer thrall will sheath their weapon after combat and draw it out when needed again. Probably has something to do with thrall has an action they do after fighting since they break right into dancing.

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Same problem. All my Thralls don’t want to draw their weapons and fight. When I put the weapon in their hands, they don’t put it away.

Want I add another thrall oddity I observed for sometime now, not new. Thralls who get knocked down they continue to move towards you even though they appear to be getting up or even slithering on they ground. What would be the point to knock them down if they are able to move at full speed in any direction laying down or in the getting up animation. Not sure if this an engine limitation but just figured to note it.

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