Thralls do not draw their weapon or put it in their inventory after they have pulled it

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Sorry for bad english
If the weapon is not in hand, my follower does not attack the enemy. With the weapon in hand, he walks sideways like a crab.
This is a bit boring situation

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Hey @MiralayKaplan

Welcome to our community and thanks for the input. It’s been sent to our team so they can give it a look.

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Thank you. This is the video too


just so you know , the way your follower walks with a 2 handed sword in hand is normal , take a sword yourself ( get out of first person camera ) and look how you walk yourself , what is not normal is that after fighting the thrall should put her weapon back into inventory . while waiting for a solution i suggest you, if you want your thrall to have the weapon back in inventory that after a fight you “right click” or " double click" on the weapon in her hands ( so that it goes into your inventory ) , before putting it back in her inventory slot ( but you’ll have to do this each time after a fight ) or you can just let her weapon in hand untill they are able again to draw it back after the fight . But if you take it from the hands to the thrall inventory then the thrall have this behaviour of not taking using it ( which is another bug )

Thank you for your solution
I do it exactly as you said (throw a sword in thrall hand, take the sword in thrall hand). It feels like a babysitter. that beats cockfighting

Leave the first two boxes of inventory empty, it effects drawing and sheathing.
Also, every time you change weapons, put it in the weapon slot, if the thrall rejects it, put it in again. When it accepts it, then put it back in the first slot.

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