Leveling Thralls Passively

Any thought about Thralls leveing while not following?

Just thinking about my 2 thrall I have outside my base that are always protecting from the camp that is near. They are still level 1 after 2 years of hard work lol :slight_smile:

Good idea

Isn’t that what horses do?

I dont think anything in the game levels when not following.

Ah, completely detached. Yes, interesting.

i feel that would be an ‘easy mode’. The current system, IMO, makes leveled thralls more valuable to the player as time must be spent to level up them up.

Perhaps if it was limited to a low level, like level 5 max, I wouldn’t object too strenuously. otherwise if would completely invalidate the effort to level the thralls in the first place.

that would be far more complex to implement and either way would open up avenues for something to break or be exploited, so my vote is ‘no thanks - fix other issues, please.’

I agree with this.

However, I also wouldn’t mind if thralls did earn at least SOME XP for defending your base from threats while you aren’t around, even if their progression is capped by this method.

I do agree with it being “easy” but if you changed the level rate to be something really slow it would work.

example if a following thrall got 100xp per kill a non-following thrall would get like 5xp per kill.

OR… if you have in some cases people that put 10-20 thrall outside a base they only get a % of exp from a kill depending on how much they contribute to the kills. this would make it so all 20 thralls are not leveling super fast equally.

i dont know just ideas never said they where good ideas :slight_smile:

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