Thralls on guard mode should still gain EXP (Although much less)

This needs to be a thing, everyone on my server agreed with this idea. Thralls on guard mode should still gain EXP from killing things. But it shouldn’t be as much as a following thrall would.


Yes, but at the same time, you could just place your thrall near a single enemy spawn point and just have him sit there and collect XP every time it spawns and he kills it. I think the idea is to have to work to upgrade your thralls. And it’s not like they are entirely useless at level 0 (at least not the T3 and T4 ones)

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I placed a thrall in a camp on a pillar to kill everyone when they spawned only when around set thrall did they gain experience going away they gained nothing. I’m in the hole at the damn and I placed the thrall on the other side by the water where the 7 or so thralls are I also have a greater animal inside my base which Is separated by a wall he gained nothing. So what is the distance from your thralls they stop gaining xp. And I thought is was just the thralls you had following you gaining xp from kills ?.

I ask why should a thrall gain xp with no risk to the thrall?

A thrall sitting on a gateway or wall gaining xp with NO players being around is just a lazy way of gaining thrall xp without even logging in to a server.

My answer would be no.

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Agree with Akomo.

The current thrall levelling system is fine. Base level thrall does function as it is. Levelling is a way to reward player willing to put in hours to have a better thrall.

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