Guarding thralls must earn XP from battles

I believe this makes the thralls kinda like old Conan Exiles. Now, thralls must be manually leveled. The solution is to let them gain XP from purges or other skirmishes. That removes most of the grind for the patient.


Not really sure why they decided to make it so thralls involved in battle not matter if you are present not gain xp from the said battle. It might be to encourage longer play to grind out the levels for each thrall.

Bad idea IMO. Although the very laziest parts of me kinda want this, I’m capable of realizing it’s a pretty terrible idea.

How so? Battle experience is battle experience. Not sure why the thrall would need the player to hold their hand and tell them they learned something. They fought they won they learned from the battle, hence experience is earned.

What does laziness have to do with it ?? That makes no sense at all.

Generals and commanders , heck even tribal leaders don’t personally train their troops. Soldiers get their experience about fighting by fighting. Their commander does not need to be there for them to learn from battles.

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This isn’t Conan Battle Simulator. Seriously, this is the worst idea ever. Don’t be so lazy!

I wanna be lazy. Myeth say’s yes!


Private servers is your answer then.

Heck, start your own. Then you can claim Admin status and just level up everything and everyone in no time flat!

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You must understand, the Thrall’s mental capacity is permanently diminished.
The same gruesome level of concussion and systemic torture used to make them pliant enough that, when well armed and supplied, they do not rise up and kill their enslaver also impacts other areas of thought.
They learn only while under the direct control of master. They have barely any will when not under the direct supervision of master. These are no longer dynamic people able to make their own decisions and process information for themselves. They have been brutalized into mere extensions of their master. As such, only when master is there can they become more.
The item description itself holds the answer:

A wheel that strengthens the body as it breaks the mind

Broken minds have trouble learning.


There is a lot of strategy in the game, but there was even more when you didn’t level thralls. I doubt that matches a battle simulator.

And, I wasn’t “so lazy” when I had 20 beserkers fully leveled wiped back in the porking days. A complete waste of time.

um you go play on a private server.


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The alternative is to spend crom coins for XP/levels. That seemed doable if you have that cash/economy.

Pretty sure they aren’t going to allow you to level your thralls with coin. But I would expect such hopes from someone who was suggesting effortless leveling of all thralls across the board… LOL

The reason passive thralls don’t get combat exp is players who would build battle platforms next to a world boss spawn and let their 30 archers shoot it to death again and again and again until they’re all level 20 with no player input.


Great explanation! I’m thinking about it…

It was mentioned in the dev stream, I believe.

Your beliefs are deceiving you - I believe. :wink:

As would be the case even if you’re not next to the boss. Any enemy that enters their space would level them - including ones you kitted in. It’s just laziness - classical cheesing - on it’s face.

Without getting personal about it, I simply disagree.

Nowadays, mobs have chase limits, so unless the owner of the base built right next door to it, well, that would be dumb. In other words, can’t fix it.

But if you set the guard on it at mama’s place, I doubt it would make it.

Why would you need or want to get personal? Sounds like an emotional thing. No need for any of that.

I don’t think there’s anywhere on any map that you can build which is far enough away from all critters that the player couldn’t kite them in.

Isn’t that your whole idea behind the request in the first place? Where else would they be leveling up from? The only other thing is purges and that’s essentially the same thing - cheezing XP. No, you have to build up your army. In fact I’ve noticed that followers (and maybe players too) don’t even receive XP from kills inside their boarders. Unless I’m mistaken this is on purpose to prevent just such cheezing. I think it’s probably true of purge kills too but I haven’t checked that.

I read you what you said in the past. Moving on now.

Such hypocrisy… I no longer play PvE because of the cheesy ways to kill bosses.

I doubt you are considering solo players. I think you meant removing the grind, but you call that laziness.