Following thrills and animals

Plz can you make it possible for more than 1 thrall or animal to follow you at any time , like in ark . . How can I lead an army with 1 follower ?? Not even 1 thrall n 1 animal ?? Come on plz plz plz sort it out… oh and horses plz :wink:

No…This would break the whole game mechanics. People would just run around with 10 followers and wipe everything without any challange.


Plus, imagine the lag if 2 clans of 10 people each had 10 followers each (200 fighters in spot on a raid). The game would have to zoom out to birds eye view so it could render less detailed models or risk blue screening the entire war clans :slight_smile:

and it was never advertised as leading an Army. That is their new game that just came out.


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