How do you tell how many thralls you have that are active?

Is there a thrall county meter somewhere that tells you how many thralls or pets you have placed as guards?

Where do I go to to find how many active thralls I have placed?

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With mods yes, without not at the moment.

Just look at your thrall pot/feed box

Guess that one slipped by the quality control dept.

The what? :wink:


We have 7 feed boxes over 4 areas.

We will wait for the official stuff to happen before we get worried about it AGAIN

Ah you made a funny lol.

That’s what I aimed for. Don’t know if it’s actually funny, but I’ll admit it’s salty as hell :smiley:

I have more than I should have active :worried: No way to tell how many and no way to tell where the heck they are at. I don’t even want to really think about it to be honest.

It has been confirmed by a funcom community manager that a thrall counter will be introduced before the thrall limit will go live!

And because it IS definitely important to share evidence of what we claim:

On some modded private server I tried, there was an option called /heatmap which showed all your followers on the map. Pretty nifty.

If the modding community can do it, then Funcom can do it too. I’m glad they’re putting out something to track our thralls before they start killing them off.

^^ this is a feature of Pippi (mod) for those interested

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