FOLLOWER COUNT / ROSTER / WARNING :: Love the Game - But COME ON - Glaring Problem That Never Should Have Been

Look, I want to begin with the statement that I really enjoy the game despite the array of issues and glitches that everyone knows about and I do appreciate your continued work, but COME ON…

With the introduction of the much appreciated and needed Follower Mechanics among which was the CAP ON THRALLS (Default 50+5/person) there are several glaring failures especially with the CAP which limits the number of thralls that you can have AND random thrall deletion when Cap is Exceeded.


(1) FOLLOWER LIST - The Ideal - What You Should Have Is Three Follower List (Tables) - Thralls / Pets / Horses which then list some details (e.g., Name, Race, Level, Grid Location) w/Interactive Drop Down Menu after each line w/menu that allows you to access, at a minimum, some wheel commands (minimally - Place Thrall & Delete). Reasons:

(a) Thralls Do Get Stuck Inside/Under Building Foundations & Terrain Objects and are unrecoverable and you should be able to place them to return them to a home base location. You might even limit the Tab Place to Land You Own so it has to be at your home base. And sometimes you might just want to delete them. Conan Exiles - great but glitchy so cover your butt.

(b) Sometimes You Are At One Location & You Just Want To Look At Your Roster And Issue Command To Dismiss A Weakter Thrall Somewhere On Your Base(s) Without Having To Run To Far Corners Of Base or Another Location.

(2) WARNING BEFORE PLACING THRALL THAT WILL EXCEED POPULATION LIMIT - This is a No Brainer and should have been implemented with the release. Works just like the other warnings you have (i.e., Are You Sure You Want To Delete?). The Game Tracks Your Total Thralls Anyway, because after the delay it auto deletes a random thrall… so the GAME KNOWS… it would be so easy to interrupt the placement with a warning (i.e., Population Limit Will Be Exceeded / Do You Want To Place Follower (or specifically Thrall or Pet)? Buttons YES NO

(a) It should be super easy to code this into the game as you already have calls for other warnings and the game knows the server limits… MAKE IT HAPPEN PLEASE. This is something that should have been in the originally release.

(b) It is great feature, but also and easy stop gap to help prevent accidental overpopulation and random deletion - potentially a favorite follower. It’s easy - just do it without delay.

(3) FOLLOW TOTAL NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS - again super easy to do because the game tracks it you just have to put it into a command and display it. It is simply a place your character can look to get three totals - Number Totals for Thralls / Pets / Horses / Grand Total. For example:

Thralls Number = 7
Pet Number = 31
Horses = 2
Grand Total = 40 of 55

(4) THRALL WHEEL OPTION ADDITION - GUARD vs STAY HERE which mods do now so it is certainly a doable thing… others have already, you certainly can…

(a) GUARD POSITION - This is a permanent default position to which the follower will return after player death… you could even limit that to a location that is on player’s property.

(b) STAY HERE - This is a temporary position that has follower staying in that location for a fixed amount of time BEFORE RETURNING TO GUARD POSITION. In order to allow players to have a follower stay at given location on a temporary basis (e.g., Default Server Setting: 10-minutes real time). So you can have your player range ahead, but in the event of death - by bracelet, server crash, self, or enemy - your thrall will return to Guard Position after time elapses - you can build in delay for return travel time as well… so it’s not instant teleport across the map but it takes time for follower to come back to Guard (Home) Position.


Ideally, you would do it all in next week with next patch update, but some of this requires more work than others. Obviously, you know you schedule and demands better than I, but it seems reasonable based on current situation that something would be easier to implement and others harder. My best guess would be…


Given the GAME tracks SERVER SETTINGS, I believe it would be fairly easy to implement these…

(1) POPULATION COUNTER - the Player/Clan Total Number of Thralls / Pets / Horses / Grand Total is easy - you just need to decide where to display it (probably on a tab as you might as well get started on it). It is simply something like for default settings solo player…

Thralls Number = 7
Pet Number = 31
Horses = 2
Grand Total = 40 of 55

In this way, Grand Total displays first the CURRENT Population / Cap Max (for Clan or Player for Solo Players).

(2) POPULATION WILL BE EXCEEDED WARNING - When you are about to place a thrall that will exceed you or your clans CAP LIMIT with YES NO button option. Again, probably not quiet as easy as the above, but NOT HARD


I imagine a little more work, but again the information is being tracked by the GAME so it’s just calling it up and displaying it.


It simply lists all your followers with three tables: THRALLS / PETS / HORSES TABLES so each table is display of that subtype of follower with total number for the table at the bottom. WIth following information… (for example)

Name of Follower / Race or Species / Type (Archer/Warrior/Brute or Greater/White/Black, etc) / Lvl / Status (Guarding/Stay Here/Traveling) / Map Grid Location

TOTAL FOLLOWER POPULATION above all of the tables (or at the bottom) w/display

Total Population of Max Cap Allowed (i.e., Solo Player Default 47 of 55)


FOLLOWER ROSTER - Interactive where you add a minimal number of interactive options including at a minimum: Dismiss Thrall / Summon & Place Thrall


I love the game, but some of this, especially Total Counters & Warning (and probably a non-interactive set of tables listing followers - like THRALL TABLE / PET TABLE / HORSE TABLE, should have come with the Follower & Mounts Update. While it no use crying over split milk, I think that these are things that should take some priority… especially with Caps and Auto-Deletion of Excess Population.

Why should we lose prized follower(s) to random deletion of excess population limit that we cannot track or find, because you failed to put on the finishing touches???

I do look forward to your other work and updates … especially the new map possibility but the derpy nature of Follower AI and need for a Warning - Population Exceeded & Follower Roster, etc., is kinda super important too…

Thanks, for your time and consideration, cheers…

Emm, Funcom did say that they are working on some sort of counter at least before activating the cap. :slight_smile: Are you playing on a server with active cap?

Followers already do half of this.

I know for a fact that the game won’t let you exceed follower pop on console. It’s tells you it’s exceeded and won’t let you place more.

Thralls and pets go on scout when you die or tell them to stop following (so there’s your command.). They return to their last guard position roughly 15 minutes after as long as you are out of render distance.

The only thing here that I feel would be of benefit is a table in the clan section that gives you an overview of your follower population and possibly a way to manage it without having to “physically” find the follower.

Other than that followers just need more commands, attack, stand down, move out of the way ect…

A few of these already exist…

Already exists and it’s in the game.

Already exists and it’s been in the game for a long time.

Already exists and it’s been in the game for a long time.

Yes, it is necessary, as I play on a fairly popular server and the helps with the decluttering and drag causing lag on the server.

In the PC Version, I can tell you that it will let you continue to place followers and it gives NO WARNING that the population is being exceeded.

I understand how pet and thralls work… but what I am specifically referring to is the ability to tell a thrall to stay in a location (away from base - home position) while you range ahead to scout - for example, to determine if there are named you want to capture, or foes you want to pull to investigate you… without having the derpy AI have the thralls run forward and attack. Hey, what here a moment, while I range ahead and come back if I need. I do, however, see what you are staying… you can have them “Unfollow You” having them stand around for a bit before going to home base. What I am talking about is a bit different, but there is a high degree of overlap. Unfortunately, the amount of time a thrall remains scouting varies a fair amount… sometimes it’s a very short time.

So, your suggestion is a good stop-gap, but it’s not a real solution with fixed time.

Yes, I agree with you… especially stand down and move out of the way.

Actually, I can tell you on our server and playing on PC, there are neither a WARNING nor a PREVENT PLACEMENT as described above. So, if that exists on Consoles, it would be nice to add to PC Version.

Yes, I know… I included this to differentiate the two commands - GUARD (which exists) and WAIT HERE (which does not really exist)

See above, if you are referring to the ‘stop following me’ command, because that is not specifically what I am asking for… It might be the case that it works consistently on console games, but on my PC Version, I find the ‘unfollow me’ is not consistent and can vary… good stop-gap, but not a specific command with a fixed time.

Add some mods, you play on PC, you have the luxury to do so :slight_smile: Pippi mod has a heatmap showing the number of pets/thralls you have:

For thrall improvements you can check mods such as BetterThralls and ThrallSideKicks:

Great Mod. I will revisit with serve admins and you’re right. I guess my point is what is the reason this is not areadly a part of the game :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :).

I know that there are mods that do the wait here vs guard placement too… but thanks for the information.

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