Option to Break Bonds with ALL Thralls

While the Break Bond option is a good start to adjusting to life with thrall limits, unfortunately it can only be utilized on thralls we can find and interact with. If we have pathers that have fallen down inside of walls, stragglers left over from a departed clan member’s base we didn’t know about, or other oddities, then those will still detract from our limited allotment.

The most fair and expedient way to deal with this would be to introduce two options for the duration of the grace period that’s been announced:

  1. Allow legacy thralls to be returned to storage.
  2. Add an option to the Clan tab in the menu that will allow the clan leader to break bonds with all of the clan’s thralls at once.

In this way, we can select the thralls we want to keep, to redeploy later with the new leveling system, and also ensure that we get to utilize our clan’s full quota and not be shorted by thralls that are stuck or forgotten. Props to @zerog for coming up with the basic idea of this.

See Also: One Time Only: Kill All Thralls Option

EDIT: Thought of an alternate implementation that might be preferable:

EDIT 2: @fito thought of a more visual alternative to the radial-menu approach that’s quite intuitive:


Yup agreed. Posted an idea on zerog’s. Hopefully it gets enough attention for implementation.

Would love to return thralls to storage. You probably can with mods but that won’t help 90% of people. I also think it would be difficult for funcom to do without issues or reasons to worry about other things messing up.

Got my support though. Hopefully funcom can find a way to make the playerbase happy.


Or you could just send them all to die in the blaze of glory and get yourself new ones if you so desire…

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They’re giving us a the ability to dismiss individual thralls, so volcano trips are unnecessary. However, that is of no help with thralls that we can’t find if they are stuck floating in the clouds, trapped beneath a base, or stranded in no man’s land. This is why we need some way to dismiss thralls remotely.

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Sounds great release all at once option. My wife said this is th best idea yet.

Actually, dismissing thralls you cant find is kind of a server setting.

If your server is set up to do it, you have a number of days a thrall will be bind to you. So if you playing in a server with such set up, the thralls you cant find will eventually be “lost”.

As for what I think, I think it is a very cool way to add one more responsibility to people: Keep track of your Thralls.

There’s not much responsibility involved when at server reset your thrall decides it’s now guarding five feet underground for the rest of eternity.


Well, in a number of days that thrall decays, and problem solved.

Furthermore, for the specific case of deep earthed thrall, they do fall to their deaths when they reach the hard bottom of the map file.

No, it doesn’t work like that. Thralls don’t decay until 15 days after the last sign-in by a member of the owning clan. Even then they sometimes don’t decay. Furthermore, since the decay time for buildings on Officials is only 7 days, this means a clan would literally have to lose everything they’ve worked for if they waited for decay to eliminate missing thralls.

And yet here we are with thralls stuck under our bases, under the map, and floating in the air that have not died as they should have — that’s the whole problem!



Awesome idea! Thank you, @zerog and @Larathiel! Funcom, can we please, pretty please have this, even if it’s just a one-shot thing during the grace period?

Official servers are set up so the buildings decay in 7 days and thralls in 14. There is no way you can let thralls “expire of natural causes” without losing ALL your builds.

As for the responsibilities, give people a break, we all make mistakes. For example, at a certain point in past, I was busy with my real life and only logged on to refresh my stuff. During that time, some players from my clan stopped playing on the server. They weren’t close friends of mine, they were just people that ended up in my clan because we had similar play styles. I don’t know the exact location of all of their builds and those builds have decayed over time.

The end result? I’m not sure where my clan might have thralls that I don’t know about, so I’ll have to run all over the map with a thrall pot and a feed box, looking for them.

If I had the opportunity to kill all my followers in one fell swoop, just once and never again, I would be really, really happy and I would solemnly swear never to make that same mistake again :wink:


@zerog @CodeMage TFW the forum has told you you’re out of Likes for the day… :sweat_smile:

Hope these help. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That can happen? Wow! :rofl:

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Yes, and apparently it’s a rather rare occurence: :open_mouth:


One thing I suggested in a topic about using the thrall pot to find missing thralls by upping its radius was to actually give people a way to find thralls, maybe by allowing them to see them in the map.

The thing about taking care of your thralls is a matter of perspective. I always thought this game was not an MMORPG, nor a 3rd person “medievel shooter”, so I dont see a reason why housekeeping and maintenance taks are such a burden. It seems the idea here is to make this game all about combat, and let everything else “the game play itself”.

My mods and my server are done to take that to the extreme, because I like it extreme on the survival aspect, but even if we relax a bit, there are other Conan games for MMORPG style and combat style, we dont need to turn this one in another one. Me and many people play this game exactly because it is not an MMORPG or a MOBA. Why should it become one ?

You do realize that some of us play on Official servers and literally don’t have the necessary access to do these things ourselves right? I’m trying really hard to give you the benefit of the doubt, but at this point it’s starting to feel like you’re intentionally trying to antagonize us.

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I played in official servers. One thing you dont realize about what my point is is that somethings are harder in official servers so they are treasured as “I have that in an official server so I did not admin up to get it, or did broke a sweat to keep it”.

So I know how things go, and I also know that for people who dedicate to play, the things they earn because they are dedicated are part of they like in the game, and that is why you dont just join an official server and everything “plays itself out”. And that is probably why FC lets you “cheat” in your own servers and solo game, so you can have it if you want, but still people can have a sense of achievement because not only they have it, but they have it in an official server.

So yes, I know what you saying, and no, I dont think it is too much. I think it is not because some of us have more free time to play or play more seriously, that we need to forcefully to be evenly matched with people who play 1 or 2 hours/week and want to join a official server and have everything taken care for them.

Maybe clan up with some nut player who plays 24/7, these people like friends like everyone else. Mostly they may play 24/7 because of that, and they will make excellent allies and friends to play with. Maybe just tone down your base if you cant be there to care for it. Lots of options that do not involve making the game play itself so people who want to play manually lose the one advantage it gives them.

Uh, okay, now you’re crossing a line between opinions and ad-hominems. And exaggerating to boot, on top of it. In this particular post, nobody is asking for the game to “play itself” or to “have everything taken care [of] for them”. All we asked for is a mechanism that would allow us to take care of an unforeseen problem, only once. And when I see unforeseen, I mean that quite literally: up to the day they announced the follower cap, nobody could have foreseen that having numerous thralls would become such a serious problem in the future.

So instead of “toning down our bases”, could we tone down the discussion just a bit and respect each other a bit more?

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Dont see where you see any ad hominen there. When I speak about people who play the game a lot, I am talking about me. And when I talk about people like me having something to show for the fact that we play more, it is only natural, or else no one would be claiming that wiping servers so frequently is bad. The only people who have problems with wiping servers are the ones who dedicate time and effort to build something only to see it leveled up with anyone who joined just right after a wipe. No ad hominen there, just a plain simple scale of values that if not shared, it is just a matter of perspective which diverse nature do not or should not constitute offense.

The fact that players who play more casually would find an advantage in being in a clan with someone who play more frequently and more hardly is also a natural implication of a game that caters on compounding nature of surviving. A lot in this game furthers the aim to be better enjoyed by playing it more often, why should some things be changed so they dont ? IT is a reasonable assumption, yet that we have to feed, we have to drink, we have to use armor for the weather, and we have a system specifically designed to wipe out those who despite doing a lot, do not use that lot to make themselves stronger, aka the Purge.

So I dont think your criticism comes from my actions, rather than your perception of my views.