Summery of Suggestions that would improve gameplay

This is my Christmas wish list that I’ve suggested over the past couple of months. If someone’s already suggested any of these then kudos to you!

  1. Certain pets could be used as semi ‘fast travel’ mounts to visited locals. An icon on the map travels along selected trails and can get interrupted by creatures or npc’s.
  2. Every 10 experience levels, players get faith points. Faith points would be spent on mastering a particular religion, or learning other religions to lesser degrees.
  3. Cultures give positive and negative bonuses to attributes and/or feats. Also gives cultural bonuses like food recipes or crafting particular cultural items.
  4. Seasonal events affect environment. In Winter time the frozen north extends south.
  5. Active Volcano. At certain times during the month, brimstone and volcanic rock randomly shoot out across the land possibly damaging buildings and players. Various metals can be extracted from the meteor-like rocks.
  6. Some Imps, giants, and other humanoids can pick up rocks and boulders from under the dirt and hurl them
  7. Players characters emit a fraction of damage in a certain radius so as to cause a defending player’s thralls to react hostility during raid and non raid hours.
  8. Craftable traps that can be poisoned. False floors and carpet-like coverings without collision, so that raiders can fall into traps.
  9. Thralls that can be purchased/hired/rented from merchants. Random selection ofcourse. Can have a timer just like pets. Extended by feeding them coin.
  10. The suggestion category needs more suggestions and less complaints.

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