Christmas event suggestions

How about some Hyborean age pagan themes for Christmas instead of anything to do with Santa. I like the idea of the undead walking the earth in a season of cold and death. The frozen north would extend southward, blanketing the lower areas with colder temps. Maybe even a thin blanket of snow even down to noob river which could be frozen over. Different classes of zombies and skeletons would spawn all over. Thick white fog would make visibility hard.

a christmas event would most likely lean more towards the winter solstice. could be interesting to have the whole map covered in snow and ice for the event could even have snow storms instead of sand storms, could possibly be colder a night then during the day.

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Some of the skeletons could melt when its daytime and only spawn at night. Their inventories would have random treasures.There could also be a new t1 building that is made of wood, sticks, and string that could be cold insulated… but pieces could be set on fire with a torch if its wacked with it enough. Zombies hyenas, skeletal deer, and zombie rabbits could randomly spawn in addition to where normal ones usually do.

How about a temporary legendary monster called The Krampus roaming around the map? A huge powerfull beast that’s hard to kill, and stalks you when you’re “bad”.

Maybe trigger it coming after you when you kill some npcs or players. With your body count adding to its bloodlust for you. The more blood you spill, the more the Krampus hunts you.

It could drop a unique trophy head that you could stuff & mount. That would give you something cool that you could only get during the event, but still keep permanently to show off at your base, and it wouldn’t affect pvp gameplay and balance at all.
Would also be more interesting than mining meteors for miscellaneous random crap. (Including dung and compost. Why are rocks from space literally giving me ■■■■ when I mine them?)


i don’t think most people would like ‘survival’ aspects in game played out for winter. scarce food, roaming predators hungry because their food migrated to warmer climes … roaming prey animals suddenly swamping your base because you’re in their path of migration.

Also - very short days. very long nights. Radical temp drops at night. Starving Exiles crowding your base - raiding. or begging. food rotting from frost damage. Mammoths enjoying the snowfall below the snowline.

Odin/Winter or a more Cimmerian equivalent sauntering by or hunting frost gaints - remember - be polite. he should have loki with him this early in the norse history - the wild hunt, the werewolves of winter - there’s a lot of old legends that have nothing to do with christianity (which won’t exist for another 1000 years at the soonist i think.)

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Great ideas! I don’t know what other players want from Conan exiles, but I know I love the survival aspect of the game. It’s a survival sandbox genre game, so I welcome winter hardship in Exiles. I think its magnificent that the dev’s made the effort to change things up for a week with this Halloween update btw! An evolving environment in a survival game is genius!

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