In Game Seasonal events

I know I heard them say something on the stream but it would be neat to have seasonal events. During which certain items may drop and maybe be traded to merchants for special seasonal pets,cosmetic armor and weapons,Perhaps buildable furniture.

Some events that may match may be Solstices, An aspect of halloween and “christmas”. I think it would also be pretty interesting if there were certain Holiday boss spawns during these times.


Santa Claws - if you can kill him before he gets away you get his loot bag!

Randomly appears during the holiday season!

Also, This guy dress him up!


Temporary books placed throughout the map for recipes for this type of thing for Halloween or Christmas that you have to explore to find would be interesting.


  1. Halloween/Christmas walls, outfits, weapons, shields with lights on them!
  2. Holiday Workbenches, tables, chairs, placeables, etc.
  3. Probably don’t fit in with the world of Conan but Funcom will make it work I’m sure. Witch powder and all. Doesn’t have to be flashy, could be kept dark.
  4. Don’t play during the holidays and miss out!
  5. Finding the books for easter would be smart and clever!
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In general, the whole “Nightmare Before Christmas” universe is a goldmine for “offkey” thoughts of various Holidays :slight_smile:

Assuming that’s what you were going off of… but I guess they’re not the first (or the last) to think of this fairly simple play on words…

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Well i guess i’m the only one who thinks that such things are horrible and ruin much of the immersion in Conan and other games in general.

Definitive: Please NO


Depends entirely on how it’s done. There’s certainly a wrong way to go about it, but where that line is drawn no doubt varies for different people.

But to me, Conan Exiles (despite its nudity and gore) is not a very serious game, so I’m good with these kinds of events, as long as they’re not too on the nose.

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I support the idea +1

:thinking: I’m sure the art team can come up with something minimal or non game breaking. Something else to do besides the norm in-game is awesome I think! Even for a spell… …you know a little sorcery!

Scarecrow/Jeeper Creepers for Halloween!

Start with one of those skeletons that light up at the mounds of the dead, change the outfit a bit to conan-time wear, but leave the sickle, cape, plant fibers hanging out of the outfit and plant fiber hat. He fast at chasing you and lights up for extra spooky! “Oh crap here he comes!” You have a dark game(nighttime is when he spawns, give him murmurs) why not for the season scare the hell outta people!

He’s tough but If you kill him you get a recipe to make the outfit or maybe a recipe for something like one of these:

Something to hang your armor on for display maybe. If not he runs on to his next victim…

Candy Corn for the Fall!

Special smaller size one of these which come out of nowhere and attack you with ferocity and if you don’t look down you might be dead by the time you notice your attacker!

Tougher than normal fight again but might reward special dyes not normally available. They could come in packs as well. If not killed they will run off and disappear until they find their next victim.


Yass! :smiley:

Super stoked for events. I believe if they keep it conan themed that it will definitely fit in and give the player base things to look forward to. I just really hope they also throw random events at us and keep updating the events with new items yearly so they do not get stale for long time players.

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I’m with krampe on this one. If, however, the dev team wants to give Christmas gift dlc’s to members that contribute in the ideas suggestions category, I’m down with that.

sure, Halloween stuff would be awesome, how much a christmas event would fit im not to sure off, but A talk like a pirate day would definately be kick ■■■, have small purges off pirates and some unique recipies that are pirate\sea themed.

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