🎄 Winter Event?

:thinking: Are we getting something even if it’s small like packages under random trees. No meteors, no darkness, maybe some brighter days. The packages have really random things of various quality and quantity. With ultra rare items from time to time. You just loot(pve) and or even fight over(pvp), like a good Black Friday sale! The trees are already in game, just place a small package(s) with gems on them that emit a small glow in the dark. They can have a decay timer, I just don’t want to have to hack into them wouldn’t make sense. Hunt them down like a treasure hunt or egg hunt. They pop up out of the ground like chests do with ghosts only these work. Sometimes you just get coal lol! :rofl:

I think it’s important to have something for morale. Plus the Halloween event was fun on some level for everyone.

Other ideas:

  1. Weird looking(nothing traditional) snowmen up north or sandmen in the desert you can hack up for loot.
  2. Special winter weapons or armor permanent or limited use/time only.
  3. Special candies/treats that effect health, stamina, temperature, buffs, food and/or drink.
  4. Mini game with the Elk and Elk King’s - Reindeer Hunt -get an egg on chance for a new pet.
  5. Halloween/Christmas walls, outfits, weapons, shields with lit radiant gems!
  6. Holiday Workbenches, tables, chairs, placeables, etc.
  7. Probably don’t fit in with the world of Conan but Funcom will make it work I’m sure. Witch powder and all. Doesn’t have to be flashy.
  8. Don’t play during the holidays and miss out! limited time…
    Holiday Event suggestions?
    just my 2 silver coins…

I always like events, even if they are not perfect, its something new to do for a limited time!

Give us Santa clothes recipe. :wink:

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I want some mythical dungeon or boss that randomly spawn and when defeated instead of leaving a body it just magically disappear and a cute bonzai of present spawns.

In preparation for the upcoming Yule season, the merchants of Sepermeru have invented the “Very Ingenious Slot Access (V.I.S.A.)” payment token system, which lets you spend copious amounts of money you don’t really have on gifts that people don’t really need. The amounts of shattered kneecaps and broken fingers is expected to shoot way up shortly thereafter.


Santa Suit, cold resist medium encumberence armor that despawns on Jan 6th.

I secretly want this…

But I’ll settle for a Xmas tree and wreaths, for my door and balcony.


Me too!


Why not a sexy little elf costume as well!


Wish we had mounts and could ride the Elk King!!! (:face_with_raised_eyebrow: reindeer)

Weapon idea

I like this!

armor idea
we already have the ho’s lol!
Conan’s sword would be a nice present or his father’s sword!


I like the looks of the rider`s armor and gear in the first image as it looks very Aesir like and something that I would see an Aesir Nord use in battle.

What about a 7 to 10 day testlive event without any new stuff on testlive, but rather wiping testlive just to do an event which is all about gifting interested and participating players a dlc code of their liking?
Players would be needed to reach lvl 60 while the rates are at triple experience and double harvest.

And if I say without new stuff, I mean patches and such. If the whole map just froze it would be cool. Like literally cool. (Newbie area only cold, darfari-desert-zone very cold, all other extreme+)

This idea wouldnt affect live servers at all so everyone who dislikes it would remain on live.
I dont know if the whole world freezing makes any sense though? :thinking: :joy:

Sadly a testlive event would exclude the PS4 and Xbox community’s as well as those of us who have too high a ping to join Eu or USA servers.

Personally I’d like some winter festival only recipes a mix of account claimed items and also ingame only recipes or items … the current merchants could sell them. Such as: wreaths…include one with a dusting of snow on it for those with homes in the snow; table decorations…including display food; decorated Christmas trees; a sleigh; wrapped presents.
I think it would be funny to run across the occasional elk with a glowing red nose … but that wouldn’t appeal to all.

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Oh, I didnt think about that. … Wait. There are no testlive servers for consoles? Because of that strange patch verifying thingy or whatever exactly it is? Hm. But then what kind of event should be held?
It cannot be a 24 hour event due to allow more people to enjoy it (at LEAST 72 hours) but more than 24 hours is already making some people be pissed. :confused:

I also suggested changing the loot tables in the non-skeleton key chests which are currently in game to other items during Christmas … give us all reasons to open them as we roam around or clear camps


…and on that note, if you’re checking a chest and it’s full of crap, or mostly crap: please take the items, close the chest (so it can respawn) and then chuck the crap on the ground. Don’t leave chests with 2 branches and 4 stones in their inventory. Common courtesy!


How about a krampus boss and if we defeat it, we get nice rewards.

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I think a north star and a manger would be more inline with Christ Mass.

Conan is more suited to the pagan winter solstice festival.

Id rather have meteors, they are less bigoted.

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Funcom already does this on The Secret World.

As they kind of said that there wont be some christmas event, I would hope for a wipe of the testlive servers and some event for 7 to 14 days.
Have people reach lvl 60 in that time and build a nice base.

Eighter all parcitipants get something like the pumpkin carving one (couldnt take part in that one) or the 10 “best” base designs get a price?

This keeps the event off live servers and is easy to do I guess.

I want Playable Conan Exiles on ps4 for Christmas … Katana update destroyed this game to un-playable.

As much as I enjoyed the broken meteor event while I could. I hope they fix this last patch… its hard to be merry when you can’t actually play game with out blue screens and 1-5fps moments.

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