Holiday Event suggestions?

On today’s stream, Jens & Tascha asked for holiday-event suggestions, so I thought I’d open up a thread.

At the top of my list? I want religious holidays for all seven gods. The week month of each god’s holiday, the trainer for that god should offer religious decor and maybe religious costumes for silver coins. (I have no idea where you’d put the Crom vendor. Somewhere in Mounds of the Dead, maybe?) Also, during that week month, either you should earn double piety at that god’s shrine or religious tools should collect double sacrifices. The week month of each holiday should also boost crafting or harvesting in some way:

  • Derketofest (February): food does double healing, hangover debuffs 1/10th as long

  • Setfest (March): crafting cost for antidotes and poisons drops to one gland

  • Mitrafest (April): no corpse runs on PvE servers

  • Cromfest (August): double (or better) XP on PvP servers

  • Yogfest (October): any Fighter or Archer thrall respawns (other than names) spawn Skeleton Warriors or Skeleton Archers instead

  • Jhebbal Sagfest (November): animals give double harvesting

  • Ymirfest (December): warming food and drink give double duration

(Edit: changed name of Yog’s Day to Yogfest to make it more consistent, re-ordered them from alphabetic to calendar order. Changed length to full month per suggestion.)


I’d also like to see a Thrallfest event, a couple of times a year, where the percentage chance of a thrall spawning as tier 1 drops to zero, so that only tier 2-4 thralls spawn.


I also was watching the stream today. I would be interested in holiday events. But I would probably prefer just random events that are not necessarily around holidays. For example, having events that go on for a few weeks where a certain boss is menacing the game could be an option.

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I do love Ark Survivals Holiday Events and miss them. I’d be happy with some item skins, house items, xp potions etc…

Change baby animals to be different things for collection purposes.

If your talking deity based events. Make them month long so no one gets left out. People do have school, work, vacations and real life.

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Why only PvP servers?

Because Crom glories in the slaughter of your enemies. If you’re not slaughtering your enemies, how can you say that you are honoring Crom? (And I say this as someone who hates the PvP ruleset in this game and will never play it.)

Again, why single out a play mode?

Because I wanted to do something resurrection themed and “no corpse runs” would be OP on a PvP server.

As for “things for all levels,” one idea that occurred to me is that all holiday events should include at least one piece of holiday decor that you can craft in an Artisan bench, but only during the holiday. (Something you can remove and store, or even keep up year round, but only able to craft during the holiday, to give people something to look forward to.)

And yeah, I agree with wanting events around mundane holidays, too – but one thing I was thinking when I was roughing out my suggestions was to make a Halloween event (Yogfest) and a Christmas event (Ymirfest) and a Mardi Gras/Valentine’s Day event (Derketofest) and an Easter event (Mitrafest) that fit the Conan theme. The other one I just assigned as a random summer event because there was a gap in the calendar there.

And in reply to Nikki, yeah, I would absolutely be okay with these being a month long. Or four weeks, anyway, make it fit the patch schedule a little better.

Thinking about it some more: maybe each of the religious-fest events should come with a Light armor set recipe that you can obtain somehow? Chance to loot from some kind of mob, bought from the vendor somehow, whatever? Something nice and creepy and dark for Yogfest, some kind of reindeer-driver’s costume (in a nice light color that takes dye well, please) for Ymirfest, some sort of party outfit or sexy BDSMish number for Derketofest, some kind of priestly robes for Mitrafest, yet another Stygian outfit for Setfest, some kind of highlands outfit for Cromfest, I don’t know. If you do, though? Make it one that any t3 armorer can make exceptional, any named flawless, and available in epic form too? So it’s not just decorative?

Rare loot on thralls and in boxes without telling the community to give thanks for playing Conan:

  1. At Christmas - black and white and other rare dyes for 1-2 days.
  2. At Thanksgiving - Legendaries & special armors full durability for 1-2 days.
  3. At 4th of July - Star metal for 1 day. and do it again on Memorial/Veteran’s Days.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: You could mix up the days where they would just have to play all the time to stumble on these items too. Not everyone has these holidays but you could just call them “Thanksgiving days” in that the developers are giving thanks to the players!

:thinking: Could be truely mythic rare, in they are items you normally cannot make or build either if you get my drift…

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