Idea for X-mas event

Have bread spoil into bricks (quality exiles dough). Bake those bricks with sugar for gingerbread…

Build gingerbread houses.


Change the totemic skins for bears to Santa suits. :grin:

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Have elves wandering around the map as NPC’s that when you kill them you get 100 dragon powder.


Are you serious ?

I don’t see how you could possibly make a christmas event without killing R.E. Howard lore ! o_O

Please don’t do such things like mmorpg stupid stuff, i beg !

Maybe you could look in the R.E. Howard text or even in Sprage de Camp ans Lin Carter work if they described something similar to some winter solctice pagan celebration, but please i bed no candies and elves or such ridiculous kiddish stuff !

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Idea for Christmas event - DON’T!

Or build a few servers that want a ‘Christmas look & feel’.

Why you bother with Christmas anyways if you call it X-Mas?

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Oh man, lets have constant snowstorms! Like the sandstorms, but we can just add like 10 inches of snow across the map…making wearing cold weather gear a necessity for a week! Ahhh, it will look so much like Canada! LETS DO IT!

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automatic chimneys on every base.
So Santa can come down and leave you coal if you were naughty, or end game loot 8f you were nice. Dont worry, no one will exploit the fact they can go thru chimney as well.

Ha, we used that exact idea on the last pvp server we were on. Told people if they didn’t make chimneys on their houses that we would blow a hole in them and take presents for ourselves lol.

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krampus purges

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…and Gingerbread houses attract giant ant purges …

For Christmas we definitely should darken up the entire world, and give it a green and red tinge everywhere! Then Santa can rain from the sky every 20 minutes like clockwork, tossing presents to the ground for us to mine. I know, I’m so original.

For Christmas they should do: nothing. It will just break something again. Or add some kind of insane color filter that causes headaches. Instead of making content for events or dlc how about they fix the current content like terrible AI , performance , archery , duplication expolioting , undermesh expoilting, the purge system, Named thralls not spawning , issues with building system… And these are just few of the things they could spend money and time on that could improve the entire gameplay of their base game but instead we get poorly thought out events , dlc and new systems added that just break the game further… Fix what’s broken then add to it.

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