10 ideas to ponder

My party has been playing this game for about a year. We are pleased with the many changes and improvements that have happened in the past. Here are some suggestions we have for in-game content changes.

  1. add new races to encounter. We can make tribel himelans and others so why not encounter them?

  2. Add a spitroast with a pig on it as a decoration or an an improved campfire

  3. Add a dlc pack for Shadizar the Wicked and a temple for Bel, God of Thieves.

  4. Make a thrall type who is a gatherer. We see wandering thralls outside Sepermeru. They won’t need a harvest animation, just allow them to run a random circuit within claimed land. When we click on them, we can remove items such as plant fiber or sticks, etc

  5. Armor display racks. We love the weapon and shield display We would like a full armor rack or a rack and a helmet stand.

  6. Make cages functional. Put unconscious enemies in there if your wheel of pain is full

  7. Allow us to make darfari skull torches

  8. Add a way to make a larger fountain that looks like a bath for an Aquilonian bath house

  9. Add an exile town, not just a cave or small camps.

  10. A vase witha flower in it, Simple.


Exactly you are right. This game and game users need this type of changes.

I’d like to see an option on each thrall’s menu for agressiveness settings: passive, neutral, and agressive. Passive means they would never attack anything. Neutral means they would only attack if I was attacked first. Agressive means they would attack anything and everything that comes within aggro range (besides friendlies and neutral animals/NPCs).


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