My ideas that would make this game worth what we payed for it and maybe even more. Possible dlc's

we should have a few updates after bugs are fixed of course, the fatal program error that sends us back to the home screen is rediculous and not part of a “Full Release Game” i have a short list of ideas that will help the gameplay and lore of the game. here is my list starting with more important to least

  1. More integrated clan rankings and alliances along with setting ranks to access items or objects, re: chests that are the leaders ect.
  2. Alliances between clans and declaring wars for full pvp 24/7. and ambassador thralls.
  3. Thralls are slaves so npcs that will go in your claimed land radius or radius to you and farm recourses. lumberjack, miner, ect and citizen thralls that run from you when you raid camps including children. it doesnt feel like im a raider when im going in and knocking out people that only fight back. some people build cities and they dont have the respective thralls to fill them, we have a currency in game why not integrate it further?
  4. offline raid protection untill game is fixed as in thrall commands allowing thralls to attack intruders when no one in clan is active.{ but if they can attack they can also be killed.
  5. chainmail, armor that uses iron and twine and no leather to wear as main armor or under the other armors.
  6. Individual armor slots via left right shoulders, knees, legs ect. So u can have different looks from everyone else.
    7.add levels to level 100 to make the game make more sense. its easy to get to 60 and i feel it makes the game feel short to reach endgame materials.
  7. more integrated thrall ui for commands and follower limit increase. if you have a random in your base you should be able to tell your thralls not to attack or move by a command same as all thralls rally and attack said target.
  8. mounts for thralls when this is added to game
    and last but not least. merchant thralls. that can sell your wares when your offline
  9. ui for throne and the travel room to allow you to send certain thralls to a base or location that they will get in formation and march there for integrated raiding aspects. defend your citizens and tax them to get currancy and pay them for working in forms of shops ect.
  10. let us place our specialized worker thralls that go in thrall slot. or when no one is active have them go to a room or house of their own and prevent them from being stolen.
    Thank your for your time

oh for # 3 i say children and citizen thralls because it is boring having thralls that dont spice game up. they all stand around and do near nothing lets spice up the bases, have citizens repair walls during raiding. have all walls crumble a bit when being attacked and if you have the wood shaped wood stuff have them help. fix the amount of damage explosives do because realistically back in those times a catapault would do more damage. you have a jar of gunpowder essiantally blowing walls in a 4 foundation radius and catapaults hit sandstone walls and need to hit it multiple times to destroy one. just not realisic.

I must say these are some great ideas but I do agree with @San197otis when he says

I feel like you are thinking of this place as a civilized land. It really isn’t. You are constantly in danger and threats are around every corner from the unforgiving weather to hostile humans to vicious beasts, it is simply not a place to have children. Even the Set city is not completely safe and it is the most secure settlement in the whole exiled lands. Other than that one problem, I must say unique and great ideas. Hopefully Funcom will pick up a few :ok_hand:

Wow, I love all these suggestions! I’d login to play!:thinking:

I would like to see Thralls doing out in the world jobs like gathering very much and I would also like to have like decorative thralls which do not fight, especially for PVE.

I am pretty sure this would bring a massive change to the perks since this level would make it so you are able to choose all the perks. Should they implement it in a way you just earn additional trait points from level 60 onwards I would welcome that

Nice idea too, maybe they could do something along the “invite to clan” thing were you can set certain players as trusted and therefore will not be attacked, without them having clan privileges.

Never gonna happen, was answered many times by FUNCOM already

I like, Pippi mod just implemented such a mechanic recently

I like the sound of it but in reality this will lead to people claiming even more land to build a village in order to house their Thralls.

When I roughly count the number of worker thralls I have it would be 51 houses I would need to build that would be insane land-claim and I think only a small number of spots are capable of housing such a “base”.