Suggestion: Little thrall adjustments + new kind of thralls

  1. Bearer thralls. Can they got a huge inventory slot amount to be useful?
    I mean we are better off with a fighter thrall following us now. same 5 slots and better at not dying…
    so a bearer could have the same amount of slots as a player character.
    Would be awesome for farming especially with the “new’” system of inventory loss on dying.

  2. I already suggested to allow us give emotes to thralls so we could use them as decorations throughout our buildings… but I have another idea which is actually useful at the same time…
    can you give us thralls whom can gather stuff on their own over time?
    Like a gatherer thrall where-ever you place her/him it could accumulate the resources nearby over time like a fishtrap.
    Or even different kind of gatherers for rock, iron ore, gosammer… BARK especially… etc… :smiley:
    It would make wonders to lessen the grind at the higher levels (or after you “hire” them).


Thralls and emote stance would be awesome, but i think you’re asking funcom too much here…
About “gathering”/“harvester” thralls, it has already been discussed many times on steam and was actually planned to come out with the “city life” system if i’m not mistaken. But i don’t know if they are still planning to bring it to life so to say :slight_smile:
Agreed, currently, fighters are better bearers than true bearers thralls, this must be changed.
cheers mate!

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They should be not just planning but adding them already… I DEMAND it… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Gathering thralls? yeah. that would be awesome. its a shame that in pvp it would be terrible. people would just go on and kill them all the time


That is their problem… if someone wants his/her building to be destroyable by others (a.k.a. choosing PVP mode) he/she deserve to has their thralls killed. So do not mention PVP here at all it is unrelated.

There are several things I’d like to see done with thralls.

  1. Give us different ways of acquiring them. As an example, a Tier 3 Temple supplied with the right food might over time attract exiles, causing them to occupy designated nearby benches from which the player can retrieve them. Give us a non-violent way of adding exiles to our settlements.

  2. Allow us the option of naming our thralls.

  3. Allow us to clothe all of our thralls, including the craftspeople.

  4. Allow us to pose our thralls.

  5. Change the Bearer thralls into Laborer Thralls. They could still serve as pack mules, but could also be assigned to elevators to speed up the operation. Additionally they could be assigned a resource and given a target radius to search for and gather that resource (higher tier thralls have a larger available radius). They would return the gathered resource to a designated container.

  6. Allow us to assign fighter thralls as guards to our laborer thralls.

The thrall system is the singular feature that differentiates Conan Exiles in the survival game genre. I’d love to see it expand in creative ways.


Yes,this would be great,this would add a lot of depth in single player,I would love to have thralls that act as companions instead of slaves ,in multiplayer that might be superfluous as there are human players but would still be very good for solo players

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Great thread.

Gatherer Thralls, even for basic stuff like wood, stone, plant fibre, seeds and especially bark, would be great. They don’t even have to be able to bring back much each trip, just to leave it chugging away in the background would free us up to explore. Even with thralls, you still end up doing everything…

Recruiting thralls would be good as well, as you get stronger, newer exiles would come to you for protection.

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