Have thralls "harvest" simple materials

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How about having thralls at the workbenches “harvest” simple materials on their own, like twine, iron, stone, etc. Have it go along with their tier as to the resources ( i.e. t1 Smith harvests iron bars, t4 Smith harvests hardened steel)

It always surprises me when you’re at level 60 and you just need some damn twine lol. Can’t someone get that for you? You have a Castle filled with slaves! No one cared to gather some twine?!

It shouldn’t be a lot of resources, maybe 5 an hour and a Max of one full stack (if there’s a full stack they won’t harvest more). And nothing complex, just those simple things you seem to always need. Nothing like black ice or silver and gold.


I have seen this suggestion a lot. My only question, then why would i play a survival game if the thralls did everything? They fight for me, improve crafting overall, and now they will farm the stuff as well? All that is missing is for them to form alliances for me, and start wars. At what point will we, the players, actually play?


Lol I definitely get your point. Especially whenever you’re in a clan and have great man power to earn more resources.

What I find though is that I forget all about iron until I’m building trebuchets. I’m so busy farming fun stuff like black ice and brimstone and diamonds that I just forget about it. Then I need to wait 24 hours for all of my iron bars to be done and I log off to go do jumping jacks and push ups and swing sticks like their swords for a while hahaha ( I’m 30yrs old).

I don’t even really want higher tier thralls to produce rarer materials, I just think it gets dull having to slam on the brakes and grind out tier 1 building materials. Even from there you have hours of farming to do.

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Because in my version of the idea harvest thralls are weak low hp thralls. Harvest thralls needs a squad of fighters and archers to stay alive. Plus a panic meter. Harvest thralls are targets for players.

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I like that idea. It would be cool to have a thralls called a “gatherer”. And to be able to place them on knodes like trees and rocks or plands or whatever. Then they just accumulate resources at some tier determined rate.

Maybe You still have to visit them to collect the material, and their up it attached to the knodes as how any thralls is attached to a bench. Then if someone came buy they could just wap them and steel them and the knodes.

It would only be effective in protected places and it would still leave the players to have to go around collecting.

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the problem is if everyone had these thralls, no one would go out, so there fore no one would lose any thralls. Plus, the game does not need any more AI taxiing the data base and having someone spam 100 of these for their clan. That would just clog the server with unnecessary lag on top of what is there.

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Easy fix 1 harvest thrall squad per clan. Also using a harvest thrall squad has it limits. Thralls have limited inventory space. Harvest thralls would be able to carry max of 4 stacks of resources. Resource tool+ Resource stacks= the defult 5 slots. Also harvest thralls hates being away from the clan’s base. Remember that fear meter? Harvest thralls hates hostiles. They run home if that meter is filled. Another problem with harvest thralls is there squad must be max to used. Harvest big squad makes them targets for raiders. They also can lead players to your base.

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As much as I would love to see this happen, I’m not holding my breath, they (Funcom) do not seem very interested in adding anything else to change the way Thralls are used or react. Those would be major changes that Funcom is just not prepared to do for this game, I think they have already reallocated a majority of the resources they had for this game to their next big project, this game served its purpose and they have invested as much as they needed to. Don’t expect much other than some fixes that will most likely break something else and some DLC’s.

If I only get 1 harvest thrall squad per clan, why would I make a clan with my friends. Might as well we each use our harvest thralls together to gather resources.

Why should I join a clan if I lose my harvest thrall.

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Nice very nice
First they have to fix all this fatal errors n crashes that they introduced with the dlc patch then n only then in a very far away future could they possibly even consider such a good idea

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I’ve thought of this too: I would use them to collect stone to be fair.
But I wouldn’t do anything too complex like the Panic Bar.

I would treat them as bench workers: we have a Depot (structure) which can host up to 3-4 thralls (harvester). They just go to each resource node in range (let’s say 40 foundations range ?), collect everything, then they come back to the Depot and drop their inventory.

This is repeated once per hour. To limit this even more we can even say that can only be 1 Depot per clan (so that we don’t have the map filled with these buildings). This however also mean that every resource in the area is almost always unavailable to anyone except the owner which may be a problem for a survival game.

To be less AI taxing we can have this thralls actually not moving and the resource nodes are instantly harvested automatically. It would be more “safe” and less realistic, but it would be
definitely less taxing.

this will hit a technical limitation: a world tile is only loaded when a player is in this tile or a surrounding tile. a thrall can’t go harvest in not loaded tiles. so thralls that really go into the world to farm resources will never happen with this limitation (and it’s not something you want to change only to have a farming thrall because unloaded tiles did not need server resources which is good, really good).

nice idea but very unrealistic

alternative implemenattion: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1715119641

but this is more a resouce converter. in this case food for resources


Agreed. It would be awesome to have a living base but I don’t think it’s possible with the tech today. I like the idea of a “food converter”. Or a passive “harvest” that just slowly accumulates simple resources.

It would be neet to add queries or mines to the game where you can slap a thralls to it like a bench and just stop by to pick up resources but I understand that pve servers don’t have the balance of someone being able to steel from it.

I’d like to see pve-c servers where it was anything goes except structure damage, and a war system that could activate that between clans. Then alot of these ideas would have more solid bases.

Actually that food converter is perfect in my eyes! Great answer, I’d love to see that in official game!

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Alpha tribes don’t need harvest thralls. Alpha tribes raid and murder your harvest squad. Capturing thralls takes time. Alpha tribe raid you easy if you solo.

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hasnt someone already suggested a thrall to follow ya around and collect stuff that ya pass by? seems legit.

I think that would be the pvp route for sure! It would be the game as usual really, just with resources abound to steal!

The risk is high to use. Players could track down your base. Since it is a large thrall group heading to your base.

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And it’s right. Look at Alren Storm’s first and brilliant mode, Conscripts:
It’s rather primitive but it’s honest. When I played in a clan I myself was such a “conscript” gathering wood and stones while others were fighting monsters. Now I play SP, and my conscripts are my “clan”. By the way Emberlight is thinking about making “Cohort” based on this old good mod they say.


I think those mods are awesome! They’re the exact solution to the tedious collection of low level stuff and would allow the player to worry about chasing down big things and killing monsters!

I think it’s important too to say that even with these added to the game, you would still be able to be the gatherer as well if that’s what you prefer, it would be one more hand collecting supplies and would give you the advantage over people who rely on the resource posts.

I personally think these would greatly improve the game and even balance the world a little in all of the servers

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