Obtaining resources with slaves

a friend told me today that it would be nice to create quarries or logging camps to produce stone and wood with slaves and sulfur if it can be possible

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I actually wouldn’t mind seeing other clan thralls walking around harvesting while I’m out. Would make the world more interesting.

Also allow them to be killed and drop their harvested loot. Another small way to steal from another clan.


While this sounds like something that would be great for me as solo player, I also know myself and (especially) my fellow players well enough that the outcome would be quarries as far as the eye can see and strip-mining worthy of Sauron.

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Sure, but good luck getting Funcom to do hard limits on features. So far they’ve been adamantly against that in any way, shape or form.

There are mods that offer this type of thing, Emberlight’s Conscripts and CityLife that I know of. You don’t see thralls removing resources from the world, but you do get the benefits.

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I’m worried about the placement of that things.

If you have to place them on a real resource spawn point, some of them are too limited to a certain area of the map to be a reasonable idea in pve and pve-c.

This is imho a good point against the original suggestion of the topic too.

If you can place them everywhere… well I dislike to see every base built on a random point of the map able to produce all things.
It could works in pvp, maybe, but not in pve and pve-c in my opinion.

Maybe a solution could be if you could give the “mine” command to a thrall, the thrall don’t really affect the environment (the resource on the ground is not consumed) but, based on the resource you placed him near-by and the time (with a cap) he mined, he “produces” in his inventory an amount of that resource.

It would be better if you could have a map or a table with map on it that would let you send out gathering parties…

Based on how many thralls you send and what type (I.e a T1 fighter and a T3 barer sent way up north to get black ice) would have a low chance of success because there isnt enough security for it…

this would be a good way to do it without having placement limitations etc, only limitation would be based on your thralls you have.

This then could be a easy solution to getting rid of thralls you dont want any more… just send em on difficult missions and let them die off lol.

I like the approach this mod takes:

It adds a use for low tier thralls, generates a considerable but not OP ressource income, while adding use for some upkeep ressources like food and for example leather.

I like people online, instead of server-hopping from quarry to quarry.
The game comes with adjustable resource-multipliers. And I put these about where I want them.

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