Harvesting Thralls

This suggestion may be moot but if it isn’t already part of the game I’d love it. My thought is to have thralls that can gather raw materials, stone, plant fiber, skin and so forth. A quick solution might be to create a work station near a resource, a small quarry, mine, corral etc to name a few. These stations would not be usable by players directly and instead you would place a “miner” thrall on a mine and they would gather stone and put it into a hopper for players to gather.

The reasoning for this is that when I play single player harvesting can be cumbersome and derail exploration and adventuring. I know there are many gamers who have unlimited time to play but many of us also have limited play time.

Just some thoughts, I could see potential for PvP stuff as well with allowing players to raid hoppers.


what you are asking for is consider an item generator. and yes this is possible. Take a little bit of code and a timer you could possible do this in like 40 min although animation and 3d model are the hard part. I have made a mod for a miner cave that did random generate 50 type of rock and wait for you to harvest. It was quite easy.

Think of it like this Its a fish trap but a rock and plant instead. I’m surprise no one has yet to make their own yet.

For the plant based, Ive consider making the thrall able to harvest the plant and its seed and replant. Making tree take long time while the other take less and each plant item generator Has a code and data table for length of time for each so that its immersive enough and not OP and could solve some of the resource depletion problem. or area that lack certain resource.

There are really some beautiful landscape only to be dismissed by lack of brimstone or lack of iron or coal. Making these so much time consuming.

In single player you can spawn as many items as you like via admin panel - there will be absolutely no difference between this and getting resource from a harvesting station.
In multiplayer game this creates a multitude of problems. You can’t lock stations, so everyone can go take out your resources and thralls. While this is fine for some resources like fish, expanding this system will make game trivial as players will then just sit at their base and go out 1-2 time per session just to pick up raw mats.

I was thinking of a simple menu when you click on a “miner” thrall where you can select the type of mineral you want and the time he must spend mining. He then vanishes and returns later with a set amount of material.
They could maybe add a probability of death depending on the rarity and time spent.

That would simplify potential bugs and wouldn’t require a lot of coding.

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-straches a chalk board -

NPC allies are this. They can die and respawn. They aren’t thralls . You create them like your exile. They Level up.

Well there would be a difference. For one you’d need to gather the thrall, secondly the material for the work station and third… I liked the suggestion below, they could add a potential for death of the thrall.

I don’t use the admin panel, call me weird but I view it like cheat codes and I want to play the game as the developers intended. If the idea were implemented in the right way (I’m not a developer so I can’t see all the angles) this could bring added features to both PvE and PvP servers. PvE servers could have smaller guilds build bigger things faster. While on PvP servers it could give smaller guilds a chance to hit larger guilds via their resource gathering stations in the form of a raid.

The tech already exist somehow. Could be copied from fish traps and hives, just requiring a thrall to work. The new thing about it would be requiring a nearby resource respawn , that may need some work and a ingame model. Thats seems to be relatively simple/easy to do for a experienced mod creator. Unfortunately I never did such thing for connan =/


I’m all for animated thralls and visible life in general at our bases but this sounds like cheating. Why not ask to be given admin rights at all times and mod in both Ark, gta and p*rnhub while we’re at it.

Could it be an option to make thralls even harder to get if they had those other options?
Or not making them harvest for you but just collect and use stuff you already collected for them and that way only needing 1 drop off spot?
Or, if only bearer thralls did those things and we need to choose what kind of thrall we use?

Yeah. I cant agree with that for the live game but I think it is good material for mod’s. I’m sure there is public for mods like that in special for single player where farming/grinding gets pointless sometimes.

Yeah other games have stuff like this it would make it easier if you got back and they had Stone and iron and other stuff.

But is the point of all games to be easy for everybody?

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