Limited resources, Mines, Thrall harvesting

I know it would be asking a lot, but I’d suggest making resources limited. Once they are mined, you must move on to find more. Resources like trees would take a longer time to regrow from Sapplings. Very limited numbers of Iron clusters would eventually reappear due to weathering, but not always in the same exact spot. I enjoy finding Star metal. It’s an artificial randomness, but it’s fun to find and mine. Why not the same for the other metals? Also, more resources could be extracted from these various resources. This way a Thrall could be assigned to 1 resource and get a full load ( see my post on new Thrall commands). If some deposits were hidden underground and could be randomly found by striking the surface with a pick, players could have their own secret mines of silver, gold, minerals, etc. An object that looks like a mine entrance could be constructed at the location and thralls assigned to it to extract ore. A control on server settings could control the amount of resources per node type, and their respawn rate. I think this would add an extra layer of conflict on the pvp servers, and a new dynamic for players to consider. On single player, it would give new challenges of finding resources.

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