Additional thralls features

In principle, it looks very stupid when slaves are guarded to you while you are cutting a stone, it usually happened on the contrary.
My offer slaves
Farm laborers
They are added to the benches slot, and they take the selected resource there. Slaves are looking for the nearest location of the resource, they go there - they get it back, until they want - to sleep to eat or not to fill in the inventory of the banch. Open and close the doors available to them.
They require food regularly, like all other slaves
Slaves are looking for a table on which slaves cook cook food, it can also be used by the player.
Slaves can be treated, they independently sculpt with fauna representatives or in response to a player’s attack, if less than 30% of lives run to the bed.
It`s all wiil create additional server loading, but it can be used as option.

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hello Ptur. This is far more complex idea then it was planed for “city life” thrall system and if that will no make it to game then i doubt this will. But I agree with you that slaves could do all (or at least some) that dirty work at least to som degree for you. Just as we have crafting benches we should have gathering “benches” - Build your own mine, your own fire farm, etc… where you can put slave and do the job. OFc in limited amount so you wont be ale to farm heaps of mats without stepping out of your base…

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In Fallout 4 they had that Scavenger/Scrap station you could place in a settlement that, when worked, automatically added resources to your settlement stock over time. Something similar could work in Conan Exiles.

It could function similarly to a Wheel of Pain. Put a thrall on the bench, dump in some gruel or food, and select the ‘recipe’ you want to craft: Harvest Plant Fiber, Mine Stone, Chop Wood, etc.

Higher tier thralls open up new ‘recipes’ to craft, such as Gather Resin, Mine Iron, etc.

After enough time has passed, the bench fills up with whatever resource was requested.

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This is low cost variant.
But if you want defeat the enemy you must kill economic first - kill those thralls and you win, this may be a good feture

yes, it could, but game would change into something else. Everyone 1 would simply with great and thick walls to protect their farms and raids would happen only with Avatars and that would usually mean that you lost everything and there is not much you can do to rebuild again