Suggestion - Farming Thralls?

Hail to you all you Exiles!

I’d like to see an opportunity to send my serfs (Thralls) to farm food, plants, stone ect…
Or to build a building like a woodfarm, mine, stonecutter, alchemistsgarden,ect.

It’s werid, that i have to collect all ressources (even basics) myself, while my serfs do funstuff in their new home :wink:
I miss those farmers in the fields, or raising cattle etc.

A opportunity to trade with noch, others players to earn silber/gold would be cool aus well.
A thrall as a vendor in my Village e.g.

Is it possible to send guard Thralls in a short patrol inside my claimed country, while wearing their weapons or a flare?

Thanks for your interest.
Godspeed from Germany

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I see the idea. I like it

but I think this would take a huge part of the game away. Even tho I often find myself on new servers. Climbing the ladder to get all my crafter & Fighter thralls only to be offline raided shortly after commiting loads of hours into the server.

So for that sake I could see this change being implamented but would like to see a suggestion or maybe a more detailed describtion on how u see this done?

knowing how effectivly a player can farm with the right gear & buffs in areas that r filled up with the material that u need. I would find that very overpowered if all thralls could do the same

Should it include a system that allows for Autopiloting? I dont think so but maybe u do?
meaning, lets say a resources spawns every 20min at a surden area do u tell u thrall to every 20min go to that spot & farm the resource? Personally I dont think that is good as it would leave the field empty forever & extremely Overpowerd if 10man clans were having loads of these thralls.

I fine idea mate, but please give a more detailed idea of how it could be implamented :slight_smile:

Nice idea, would you like to see this as just a thralls/bench or as a prefab building ?

I think of different ideas/options…
Like a building that is a field/farm/mine/cowhatch/woodcutter/etc.
You put a thrall into it and it works with food, seed, feed etc.
It mustn’t bei overpowered, but in fact serfs are servants in the fields ect. I’d like to see them more lively and automated in Endgame. That they produce their own food or small amounts of ressources.

There might bei minespots on the map where (and only there) you can build mines, that makes Spots more/less attractive - or make me raid them, bauen them to the ground in PvP servers.

It’s a pitty you can’t sell RARE goods to npc for really small amounts of silber or sell your goods to other Players

I don’t think of auto woodcutting Thralls in the wilderness, ect. Just of new buildings.
There isn’t a real difference of producing ressources or just save them with thralls

A building category

steamcommunity .com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1210390760&searchtext=

Look like this mod for example :slight_smile:

Btw i’m on PS5 – No mods there

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