A new type of thrall

Okay so worker thralls? What are yall idea w this so thralls that gather stone and wood and such just basic materials

Lemme know what yall think

Thank you for reading


Depending on how it’s implemented, I’m either indifferent or against it.

I would be indifferent to it if it’s implemented the same way as animal pens and their resource generation. So if you have a new station in which you can place same thralls, give them some food, and they generate basic resources at a rate much slower than what you can farm up yourself, then I’m okay with it. I would never use it, but hey, if that’s your thing, go ahead.

If, on the other hand, you’re proposing a way to passively generate resources without having to do any work for it, then I’m against it. That idea is okay for a mod, but it would wreck the official servers.

And if you’re proposing that players can place an arbitrary number of semi-autonomous AI-run thralls into the world to go and visibly gather resources, that’s even worse in many, many ways.


Heh, its not enough that refreshers hog space, but now they gonna use up server cpu cycles too?

No there needs to be far less automation in CE, not more. I would advocate for removing Fishtraps and Beehives, or at least change their functionality. In the map I play on for example, fishtraps aren’t as useful as active fishing. They have fishing nodes you hit with javelins (spear fishing) and you gather fish like normal harvesting nodes.


On the one hand, why bother enslaving people if they aren’t going to perform the drudgery for you?
That’s what civilizations across history primarily used slaves for. Quarries, Mines, Fields.

However, implementing it in game is a bit of a mess.

If this one were going to do this…
It would be at a new craft station.
Quarry storehouse, Lumberyard, ect.
These stations would require mid to high tier materials to craft, would use a Taskmaster as the crafting thrall, and then you, the slave master, would place thralls into the station that would then be burned as fuel to convert into Stone, Wood, Plant Fiber. Basically, the better the Taskmaster, the more efficiently you work your thralls to death. The higher the tier of Thrall put in the workhouse, the longer they can be driven.


I would rather see markets in-game.
Something like in Age of Mythology (Market (Age of Mythology) | Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom)
but with more basic stuff, and not only for gold.
Wood, grass, bark, seeds in one category and you can trade those. Then stone, coal, iron, crystal in another part of the market, and hide, bones, flesh yet in another part. Or something liek that. So for example you can trade some wood for your bark, but you can not use hide to get the wood. Or with coins, but the main payment would be your goods for other goods in the same category.
And maybe basic armors, and weapons/tools in another parts of the market.

And maybe rarely random caravans (HEAVILY guarded, of course) between two markets, or in a pre-defined route(s) across the whole map you can rob.

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Yeah I’m a no because of the simulation aspect of it. I’d like to see more survival in the game and automatic harvest is the exact opposite of that. This falls squarely in mod territory for me if people want it. It doesnt really speak “Conan” or “Survival”. I am probably on the losing end of enhanced survival in the base game tho. It feels like that aspect is not what sells.

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I’m in agreement with darth here. We need more survival elements and the idea of being established like we can easily be now, needs to be an endgame goal, not something that happens as a matter of course. Where we are one purge or one raid away from being sent to the stone age. Being comfortable in a base should be a fight to maintain, not something taken for granted once you’re there.


Nah…before they changed the farming rates I would have been all for this type of thrall. However, now…In like 5 mins I’m out of inventory space. Not really a need for all that now. Especially with the Mass Cull spell.

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Hey everyone thank you for your opinions let me explain my point of view

Im a single player gamer and i like having companions and what not so my point is if u playing alone and stuff exploring taking care of things and all that i dont always have time to go get recourses i dont mean that they generate a whole lot but u know enough that can work for ppk that are not able that often as i also dont have much time thats why i was thinking of this idea

Thank you for reading🙏


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