Advanced thralls and production chain

An interesting situation with thrall in the game
You dress them, you feed them, and they give you some bonuses for that, the question of who for whom the thrall.
My suggestion:
Make thrall miners, hunters, farmers, gatherers
They are managed through workbenches.
In workbenches, set the production chains as follows:
Workbench of miner (iron ore) -> Furnace (iron) -> Forge (sword) -> Arsenal of thralls and from which thralls automatically take the best weapons or arrows.
Or same system for make food, or more complicated chain for automation.
Ideally, for example, if a group of hunters (created in a hunter’s workbench) walked around the nearby territory and hunted, they can be assigned protection in a hunter / miner / collector’s workbench.
Firstly, this will expand the gameplay to almost the strategy, secondly, players will be able to attack such groups for the purpose of profit.

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It would also be neet to set dedicated mines, like those shallow caves all around the north, where you place said mining thrall. Then it would add to the strategy and pvp aspect of having to place protection there to keep them from being raided and killed

But by then, the older players/bigger clans would have claimed that spot and built a huge ■■■ base around it, blocking the nodes for a LONG time.

The idea isn’t bad, it’s just the “player mentality” that would try to warp this to their advantage

Make the mine a placeable that has to be put in certain types of places - eg any cliff face, etc

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How about this, more placeables…

Small Farm, Farm, Large Farm. Each with increasing aoe, harvests all plants and herbs within a radius. Uses a Farmer thrall, higher level, harvests quicker.

Small Mine, Mine and Large Mine. Effects the same, but with Miner thrall. Also, Small Logging Hut, Logging Hut, Forestry. Uses a lumberjack (who is ok) thrall. Small Fishermans Hut, Fishermans Hut, Fishery, aoe over water, add fish resources underwater to make some places better than others. Small Shepherds Hut, Shepherds Hut and Large Shepherds Hut. Uses Shepherd thrall, Harvests prey animals (add goats, sheep, cattle and wool resource)

These can be raided, during pvp, by destroying the hut (similar hp to a tier 1 building), kill the thrall and you can then steal the inventory.

Since building also despawns resources you can’t build “normal” stuff near them e.g. watch tower or wall around it.

This makes raiding on a smaller scale viable. Though this would probably require some less annoying method than farming glands to raid tier 1 for higher level players. Battering ram perhaps?

This way killing your thralls means destroying your rgo (resource gathering operations) thrall locations.


Now this is the kind of thrall management I want, not the player as waiter to his own thralls.

I was about to suggest hunter thralls myself, still might because its more focused on the new food system. Hunters could bring in more food with better gear but there is only so much game to hunt. There would be a maximum income from a given base location.

Fishermen and fish traps could have similar limitations. Multiple fish traps within a certain area should have greatly diminishing returns. Fishermen could range from your base with greater risk as they get farther away.

Farmers could cultivate useful food plants if the land allows but large plots are needed and would be difficult to defend. Think elephant purges coming for your farm.

I understand if coding a hunter tracking and downing prey or a fisher reeling in a fish would be too much trouble but I would love to encounter them moving about in the wild. Someone who gives me a wave or salute instead of instant aggression.

I like the above suggestion as well, allowing such thralls to be smaller targets for raiders. It could be fun to see a signal flare from a thrall in trouble and rush to help out.

There is just a great well-balanced mod Conscripts. Devs just took Horticulture from the same author (but disbalanced it). Maybe they would implement Conscripts too, but without spoiling its balance.

Also it be cool, if you add trading post with special thrall, trading post can`t be raided

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Мод не доработан да и самая простая реализации задумки

Эта версия вполне рабочая, но автор обещал к нему вернуться и переработать, когда будет время. Обещал учитывать tier рабов, из которых строится станция, и ввести вероятность удачного выполнения миссии, например. На онлайн-серверах такое не слишком нужно, там можно кланом работать, а в соло-игре очень помогает, иначе пришлось бы постоянно камень да железо рубить - надоедает сильно.

Хотелось бы и на онлайне такое, и чтобы рабы именно бегали по карте и добывали, это уменьшит количество штурмов, достаточно будет развалить экономику - перегасив рабов, и поиметь с них трофеев и то что они должны были принести. Но мод попробую в офлайне спасибо за инфу.

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