Harvest thralls

Witha release of a new feeding thrall system. We’re going to need thrall who can Harvest. Now we’re zoo keepers like ark zoo keepers. Are we adding dinos too? If Conan Exile is going ark direction might as well go all out.

Honestly I don’t mind it, just needs a lot of work at the moment.

Harvesting sounds like an awesome idea, no idea on how the mechanics might work out but I support regardless!

I put this same thing in my comment

they could have

thralls that are miners, lumber jacks, hunters and then out side of base could create work camps that generate goods based on skill level up the thralls work in the camps. camps have radius and access to certain resources based on resources around them…

the bearers who carry stuff be used for transporting goods between bases and between work camps and your home. could be increased with a taskmaster and more thralls working at the sites and you need guards for the site so forth.

After this, I went looking in the workshop and saw that the citylife mod had quarry/lumberjacks and it works in the current testlive. Their mechanics are you make a station for wood/stone, add a thrall to it, and then you can craft certain amount of rocks/wood for Pickaxe/Hatchet + food + water. Its seems a bit over-powered in the mod but it frees up some time at least.

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