Battle armor for pets and thralls as well as harvest thralls

Pets and thralls are cheap fighters. I want my army of thralls. An army needs armor. Pets need Battle armor. Pets aren’t mounts. So Battle armor for pets. Thralls need thier own armor that cheap to make. Thrall armor are weaker but cheaper to make. All thrall armors are heavy. Thralls aren’t players. So special thrall armor and weapon unlocked at wheel of pain. Better wheel better thrall armor and weapon to make. Thrall weapons = weaker but cheaper to make weapons. Iron,Steel and harden steel thrall weapons.

I want new Thralls called harvest thralls to be make. T1-T3 harvest thralls. A harvest thrall will not harvest unless a harvest party is made. PVP that max of 3 harvest thralls,3 archers and 4 Fighers. Harvest thralls have 30 inventory slots. One harvest thrall per tribe. Harvest party can be killed by players,npc and monsters. Harvest party can’t enter boss dungeons. Harvest party on PVE,co-op,Offline single player can be bigger. Max harvest party size on none PVP modes can have 10 harvest thralls,15 Archers,and 20 fighters. Point less unless your wood or food harvesting. Once a harvest party is deploy they will come back if they are hungery or thirsty is at 10%. Harvest party can’t have T4 Fighters or T4 archers in the party.

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I’m not sure why we’d need separate weak, cheap armor for thralls. We can already make weak, cheap armor for them. I make flawless epic armor only for my bestest of best thralls, the rest get to wear whatever I bother to make for them. There’s no need to clutter the game with even more redundant equipment types.

Harvesting thralls is a nice idea; I’d definitely want someone to gather basic resources for me. But don’t you think your harvest party is unnecessarily complicated? The main problem being is that if I’ve understood correctly, the map and its contents go on “standby mode” if no players are present in the neighborhood, and then update progress to count for elapsed time when a player returns. So if a tree falls in a forest but no-one is there to hear it, there won’t be a sound. Nor a falling tree, actually.

The best, easiest way to implement harvesting thralls would be to make them like pets in animal pens, ie. you give them food and they turn it into resources. They could be specialized like in e.g. Settlers, so when training the thrall you’d choose to train a miner, a woodcutter, a fisher, etc., or it could be a single “gatherer” type with a dropdown menu where you could choose and change the type of resource the guy gathers. So he wouldn’t physically leave your base, just produce stuff for you.

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Cheaper Armor for T1-T3 thralls. Mosty T1-T2. Weak thralls are meat shields.

Harvest thralls harvest stuff. For me this would be meat and wood. Wood to cook food. Harvest thralls are there for thralls and pets. Zookeepers jobs.

I like my harvest thrall idea better.

Well, you can make something like basic medium armor for them. It’s fast and easy and cheap to make and offers limited protection. What I’m saying is that what you’re asking already exists in the game.

Of course your idea is cooler. It’s just bloody hard to implement into the game.

Ask yourself: is it better to ask for cool things you can never have, or ask for slightly less cool things you could have?

Omg, another dead end thread…

Bry, Thralls are slaves, you send them off to get a basket of eggs and they will run away with that basket…

More armour… err you can equip them with anything you can make, right up to tier 4 stuff… what more do you need?

My guess is you do not know the logistics of the game and you’re only ably to get low level Thralls… that added to the rest of your demands to make the game easier makes me think that this isn’t the game for you…

Kindly and mercifully give up on the forums, the game or both…
The first is preferred, by many…


And here we go! :clown_face:

Fighter thralls are balanced with their cost of gear and their superior armor and damage. If you want to equip them with lesser gear you still can craft ordinary steel/iron weapons and armor. The time and effort you put in this is meant to be related to their combat strength. There is no need for any special gear for thralls at this point.

Pets are a different story. In general a greater pet is easier to obtain and has more health than even the strongest fighter thralls. But they work more like a meat shield since they have lower damage and no mitigation because they can’t wear armory. This makes sense since they would be overpowered otherwise and nobody would bother farming for good fighters anymore.

I would like to see the special bearer thralls have more inventory slots than by now. This could be related to their tier. Let’s say T1-2 10 slots, T3 15 slots and named 20 slots. Also they should have more progression in hit points as it is currently the case. T1/T2 still easy to kill, while T3 and named have similar health like their T3 fighter counterpart.

Implementing harvesting thralls is a technical challenging suggestion which I doubt will make it into the game. Just look at the current situation of the AI! That aside, what will you do if all your thralls are doing their job for you? No need to harvest, no need to fight. Next its difficult to implement limits for how many thralls a player/clan can hold in the current system. The closest thing i can think of is the settlement system Funcom once described. If it would be implemented, there should be a admin option for adjustment.



Not if you poison them first and tell them they will only get the antidote if they come back with a full basket. :smiling_imp:

Only if they are cowards…
Better to die free, than live as a slave your whole life…
that was funny though… :laughing:

But that’s been this kids thing… a game that plays itself and most importantly wins…
“I was there, I get the trophy, not those dead and wounded that did it for me”

I’m guessing that if I didn’t mention it now that the next thread would be, “we should be able to take more than one thrall” :roll_eyes:

Luckily he’s focused on sorcery so I’m happy to ignore that bs addition…

But its human to ask for more comfort and strive to it. Its the developers duty to not give in but to find a balance between reward and effort to keep the player stick to the game. Slowly increasing the dose unitl they are helplessly addicted to the poisen. :grin:

Which would actually be a nice feature for singleplayer. In multiplayer and especially in PvP, of course, it would unbalance the game.

As far as armor for pets goes… sorry, but He-Man and Battlecat don’t belong in Conan.

I like to see having more than one thralls follow you in single player mode so I can beat the harder bosses. At least two or three.

Unless they are in a dungeon, just build a small outpost nearby, load with Thralls and kite the boss to it…

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