Thralls and pets behavior!

before the new release patch… i think a good idea is DEVs add some kind of istances for pets and thralls like Passive, Guard and Agressive modes… maybe wandering or patrol something like that… should be more usefull on terms of protection and strategics system… RP server dont be afraid to meet ppl to trade or something… when passive u can use thralls and pets to carry item whitout engage in no necessary combat… Guard mode thralls and pets only atk if u are in danger (no need to be hited by mobs or npcs) some kind of threat lvl… and Agressive pets atk everything on his range protecting you or geting agro from atakers before u being killed!! thats it thx for the nice work!!!


This is exactly what I had suggested in AI Overhaul for NPC’s, right after general fixes to the AI. You have no idea how badly I wanted to set some thralls around my arena that wouldn’t become aggressive after battle started or to people not in clan.


same here!!! i think your cefensive archer should engage combat when get hited by ppl when try snipe them… dont matter distance if they being atked by player they shoot against them like players do!!! now when agressive stance a limited range for sure… but only in case being atked by far should be helpfull they engage in combat to repel the coward atker using range view exploit to kill and loot them!!! i think is a good idea too!! and i agree with your point!!


I agree 100%… kinda sad that a freaking Dodo in Ark is smarter than an Exile


we need to use thralls as way to creat army for raids and ability to command units give orders in real time via key bindings.

even when using one thrall I would like have ability to tell him during combat to switch form damage to a blunt to a missile weapon.

I also like ability to tell him where to attack, who to attack and when to fall back or to hold there ground.

I want use my thralls as proper guards to clear an area before I get into combat my self.

specially when i am pulling a knocked out slave behind me.

it also be awesome to be able to send barer thralls use them to transport goods between bases or send bring them with me and send goods back to the base for me.

it be really cool to have lumber jack thralls and mining thralls so forth that can be used to get resources for you so you do not have to go out all time.

there already mods out there that do these things be nice to have them in the game thought officially.

most annoying thing i want my 20 archer thralls on my walls to not run down my stairs and attack i want them to stay where they are stationed and shoot there bows at things near the walls.

the hand to hand stuff is for the 20 some thralls who are standing in front of the walls to handle.


I doubt they’ll manage to apply a Mount & Blade gameplay to the game

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