Make Thralls do work

If thralls are a main part of this game, wouldn’t it make sense that they actually do work? Why should we have to go out and cut down thousands of trees or hit thousands of rocks ourselves when that was the literal purpose of thralls? There could be a few types of thralls that could be introduced…
Gatherer - harvest plants (fiber, seeds, berries, etc.)
Woodsmen - cuts down trees
miner - smash rocks, iron, etc.
Then there could be a dedicated storage that they place resources in for the player to access when they log in. I know everyone says “That will take out the grind” or “just play single player and spawn stuff in”, these people are ignorant. In a multiplayer session we have 4 players, one is a builder, one is a weapon-smith, one is an armorer, and the fourth is an all around player. For the builder it is really hard to get to tier 3 building mats because only the builder is harvesting items for building materials while the others are out gathering mats for their specialty. If there were thralls that could alleviate the burden of countless hours of harvesting… That would be great!


Yep yep. We have a mod that touches on this called Conscripts. Ied like to see it as a full feature in the game as well.

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Ill have to find a good server with this mod on it thanks! It was definitely be nice to have this put in the base game!

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