Improved Thralls AI and more

Hi Tascha/Jens and Community!
We all know you have taken this into consideration.
Can you please give us some info about this topic?

Here you are some suggestions (most of them are suggestions that i’ve read in this forum):
-Agressive, passive, guard, patrol, protect to, follow to, attack to, … toggle button
-More different body features (slim, out of shape, fat, young, elder,…)
-Give some live to thralls. They are frozen and only blink. Maybe some random animations.
-Why i cannot find any bearded npc?
-Why every thrall I get is always the same size? (Please add different height npc’s)
-Musicians thralls
-Two thralls follow option
-Cage for uncrafted thralls (with some animation)
-Enterteiners could have a toggle button to perform a dancing or not. Maybe another button to choose type of dancing.
-Training station in order to enhance your thralls.
-The thrall in the wheel of pain animation should be the one who is crafting in. If the is nobody in the wheel of pain, it should be empty and of course stopped.

Thanks for being always listening to the community to improve the game.


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