Why thrall overhaul is important (Suggestion and Current Bugs/Issues)

In the trailers, new and interested players see big walls and cities. It’s a bit misleading because it’s not viable because the current thralls are not effective defenders. Thralls need a rehaul/overhaul. The new patch fixes a lot of the previous glitchy problems and I appreciate that. But still, they can be grouped up and slaughtered, blown up, or whatever. In general, thralls need more effective behavior to enable players to play the game the way it’s advertised. Here are some suggestions below:

-Make thralls avoid/run from explosives
-Melee thralls take cover or at the minimum, run from sniping players when their is no clear route to attack the sniper. If a route is present, thrall will attack. Also, thralls with shields should block arrows.
-Archer thralls agrro range should be increased by a lot to compete with a player’s snipe range. It should be a pain for raiders to get in.
-“Stand Fast” option so thrall stands still. So player’s can’t draw all thralls to one spot and raid easy from other side.
-Add aggression levels. Not everyone wants poor pedestrians to be shot down while walking by.

The following is my opinion; raids should be harder for the raider. They should be using expensive/large shields to block arrows lots of arrows and maybe even be making a raid base with archer thralls to try and eliminate the raidee’s archer thralls. At least to create enough time for the raidee to get on. I think this because this game should not be a time dump where you build up, spend a LONG time training thralls, just for someone to round 'em up and slaughter, then easy raid. To add to this, I am sure it is discouraging for new players to see poo poo shacks under the aqueduct and other ugly base metas. Please make fighter and archer thralls actually have an important role in this game. This is me just ranting for what I personally believe. Anyway, I thought I’d list some issues I have seen after the patch while I was at it:

-Thralls don’t seem to block anymore after patch.
-Thralls take a while to respond to enemy threat sometimes. Was able to run up to archer and melee.
-Thralls with shields do not take their shields back out when they are getting into a second fight.
-Thralls do not remember direction they were in, so if they were standing guard they are now turned around.

Thank you for reading hope y’all read and considered my suggestions.


Completely agree, and many of these behaviors would be great for the NPCs in the game world in general. Fleeing alone would be preferable as an intern to taking cover if taking cover is too hard to program quickly.

Appreciate it Leon, and yeah that could work, I don’t know anything about coding so I could be asking for a lot.

Fleeing in a vector away from the aggressive player would be easy. The trouble is finding cover requires the game having a logic to know if the hitboxes are exposed to you as a player, or not. Then the decision making process from there. If the cover it’s behind is not cover versus two players shooting said A.I. from a hill, does it try to find different cover? Does it sit tight? If it goes for new cover, and that cover fails, what stops it from running back and forth between two places hopelessly? Does it keep a memory of recently failed locations, and if so, how?

Fleeing is pretty much an easy universal. Cover? Not so much.

I’ll edit it then, thanks for criticism.

Yeah, i agree with all of that and i have something to add to it.

You should be able to set the Thralls aggression level to different modes like Neutral, aggressive or flee. It would even be nice if they tried to run when they get low. I also don’t want my bearers Thrall to fight, i want them to run away and be safe.

There is also a bit of a issue when thralls return to where they where standing. Thralls only attack what they can see or if another thrall/player is attacking or getting attacked. That is why that when they run back to there old position they should remember what way they where turned. It also looks stupid when an thrall is standing guard and is looking in to the wall like a ding dong.

It would also be nice if the placement direction was working :sweat_smile: Right now you have to make them follow you to correct there direction. Some of the time even that is not working and they just turn around again :cry:

I would also like to say that the last update fixed the AI a lot :slight_smile: If you get the good fighter and archer thralls form the north, they do actually do a lot of damage to players.

Thrall aggression level would be great for Rp servers or anyone just trying to be neutral. And yes you’re right I’m gonna add that they need to remember the direction they were in. Gonna add to post thanks for feedback.

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