Update to Thralls before release?

I’d really like it if Thralls could be updated to behave more intelligently before release. Specifically:

  • Able to fire over fences, which are an important and good looking piece of most base builds.
  • Come to my aid when attacked by monsters, not just when I am damaged as happens now.
  • Archers fire at monsters approaching my base.
  • Melee warriors attack monsters who come close.

Conan Exiles is an amazing game and it has so much more potential. But it also desperately needs some fundamentals to be improved for full release.

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Crouching thralls would be awesome.

Thralls could definitely do with some improvement. As-is, they’re pretty static and lifeless. Hope they pick up on this one.

On Testlive, my thralls come and greet me every time I enter the house :two_hearts:. But yes, they are mostly useless besides that. you need the cutout fence where cauldrons go for archers to be able to fire, and they don’t seem to attack nearby wildlife anymore like they did a year ago. I feel like they are mostly useless, especially since they can be killed through the walls by a spear…

If there was a way to set them up for auto aggro if someone came INTO the house, and possibly a way to make them passive for having guests over, it would help immensely.

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Yeah, I’ve also seen some really neat, new NPC behavior at Muriela’s Hope. They seem to wander around a bit, talk to each other, and work on the statue. When I walk up close, they sort of step away and look at me.

Maybe there’s something brewing in regards to the AI…