FIX THE THRALLS - please and thank you!

Online - PvE - NA (PS4)

******* combat Thralls

  • Ok, so they dont regen hp (which I notice you noted)

  • They are aggressive at random times - sometimes they help, sometimes they stand there and watch you get pummeled.

  • They dont always use the weapons you give them (put in their inventory). Sometimes they will just up and bareknuckle it even if they have a good sword, and Archers will say nah to bows and use swords. The player needs to be able to specifically slot weapons for them to use, that they then, will use.

  • In combat they are a liability! Friendly fire needs to be turned off when rolling with your combat Thralls. Thralls are not players that you can communicate with, thus there is no way to work out tactics with them. IF they are working, they just rush in right next to you and loose half their health from my attacks as most weapons swing! Turn off friendly fire on Thralls! This includes from other players!

I stage Archer thralls on my base for appearance yet they can be killed by other players!!! In PvE!!!

  • Thralls and mobs … Ok so you cant take combat Thralls out with you because you or another player will kill them before the vE in PvE will. You cant stage them around tatical exteriors of your base because other players can kill them to troll you. What happens if an alligator, or other mob, crawls by? Well then they get aggressive …

When I log in I can tell if an alligator has crawled by because my Thralls are stuck outside (they either clip through a wall, or jump down from an external balcony - if assigned to it as a “guard post”) or are facing the walls as if they are in time out. So I then have to re-assign them to their posts facing correctly which leads to …

  • Why when placing Thralls are they in a side straddle boxer stance? This stance makes accurate facings messy. Just have them stand normal please! Its MUCH easier to properly have them face an assigned area if their avatar is standing normal.

Lastly, and LEAST important. Please make ALL Thralls have avatar equipment slots. Specifically Im talking about crafter/worker Thralls. I would like to be able to remove the dirty rags from them and give them fitting clothing to their rank/tier.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Have Thralls of your own
  2. See step number 1.

Sorry for all the ranting. I want to be clear, I am a HUGE fan of this game. It is AMAZING and I have WAY more fun in the world you created than in any other game of this genre! My friends also LOVE it and we have a GREAT time!

Its because of its greatness that (for me) that these 2 main eye sores really stick out.

  1. Lag - not really a big deal if I hiccup from time to time when running around collecting material, but in combat - lag hiccups and collision lag is pretty frustrating. Its talked about, its known.

  2. Thralls - as stated above, they need attention to make them fun. They dont need to be knock you off your seat amazing, but if they just worked right (better) it would be really appreciated. An appreciation that would be felt by all your gamers I imagine.


I agree with the thrall issue and as you have said, they have noted the health issue, but they don’t regain health in offline mode either. I have been playing offline because of the server issues, but I can equip/un equip clothing, but can’t put anything in the two squares on the far rite in the thrall equip tab (it says main hand and off hand), I think that’s why they don’t use the weapons you allocate to them.

I have had 20 level 3 thralls at one base and they all dead now cause of one dam crocodile that spawns near the one area…they kill it but loose hp so when it spawns again it just depletes the hp even further…then they die and if I have not come back to the area for awhile any high level armor on those dead thralls have disappeared. …it’s a pain.

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Thralls are useless in PvP as well. Been wiped twice now even though we have had somewhere around 40 to 50 of them. Mainly fighters and archers. They just stand around and watch ur base get destroyed and even if u are online while its going down getting beat on by another player they just stand around doing nothing. Thralls definantly need to be looked at because if they don’t work right y try to PvP.

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I have the same problems with all the things you mentioned.

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Agreed, this is nonesense. I had a player troll me killing my Archer just to steal all the gear, I also killed my own fighter while trying to fight of an alligator. I have no idea what placing, say a “armour thrall” at the correct table even does aside from animation action that produce nothing but something to look at.

I also got killed trying to ring an elevator earlier by two alligators inly because I could not stand on the elevator platform, plus though I activated it, the lift platform never came down .

Along with that, when I went to retrieve my gear seeing that my death was by my base, somehow my body was gone (this is not the first time I’ve had this happen) so I was unable to get all my gear (royal gear I just crafted) back then, I died again thinking perhaps it was under the water and I could not see it. Glitches, bugs and things like the Thrall issue will kill this game if not corrected.

I feel like I payed for a game still in early access. Really hoping the dev team sees this thread and all the other bug threads and addresses it I. The near future, this game is great and could be amazing, so long as they addresses issues like the ones you listed plus all the others being posted. Only time will tell I suppose…

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Thralls needs just 3 improvements:

1st - Fix thier AI. Tamed Thralls should always seek for fight if there is enemy in thier sight. Also we need some kind of commands so we set thier aggro distance.
2nd - Give them insta Full Health always after the fight/unaggro - that’s just stupid when low lvl player keep killing your T3 and T4 archers because of hide and seek tactic…
3rd - Give Archers seeking arrows… This change would make them finally usefull because for now there is no point in using any fightning Thralls. This would make raiding harder (but still possible) and overall experience much better.

Bonus - Tamed Thralls should have hp and dmg multipler based on thier tier. I.e. Archer T1 - stats as wild one. Archer T2 - hp x2, dmg x1. Archer T3 - hp x3, dmg x2. T4 hp x4, dmg x2 . Same thing with fighters.

Thralls truly need to be fixed. Just after release the thralls on pc early release had better aggro. They were full health after the wheel and dancers healed them too. Please take us back to the good ol days of thralls with a purpose. Love all this game has to offer, keep up the good work.

YES!!! I was going to make another post but seeing how this one has many replies I figured why not make it longer. The THRALLS need to be fixed.

Health regain
Equipping them
Having them fight back in PVE so trolls dont kill them
Fight NPC’s

Please fix.

Having issues now with my thralls just vanishing in the ground as I try to drag them to my base can’t go up my elevator with them cause it’s like they get slingshoted out in the Abyss tried different ways last night but all my thralls gone poof vanished and it’s getting frustrating

Same, can live with most of it, but not being able to assign their weapons is crazy. Makes archers useless.

I think it will be better if they don’t hide their wepons

Lmao yes indeed !!
Tried to have my thrall carry building mats to my northern base from my desert base…
Made it to the highland entrance where we have an elevator. I got on and usually they reload when you get to the top .
However Def Jam (my Defari fighter) was abducted mid air like they beamed him up to Scotty ! :alien:Found him later standing horizontally melted halfway in the ground :skull:
. Then I could not take the stuff off of him I had to chop him up and the loot bag was floating 300 ft in the middle of the air .
As if I don’t feel bad enough knocking out this poor Defari and binding him in slave irons
Now after torturing him on the wheel of pain till he capitulated I drop him off a cliff and hack him up for some ceilings …No wonder they try to purge us off the map we are real tools!
But seriously fix the thralls they are a crucial part of the game and having to hide them in a padded room so they don’t hurt themselves is kinda sad😢.


If you take a chosen weapon and move it from their inventory to the head armour slot it will equip the weapon, after that fill the inventory slots with what ever and the weapon will stay equipped. This also seems to help archers be a bit more aggressive since the weapon is already out and ready. Hope that helps.


Congrats in this solution, Thanks really.

I haven’t used a thrall to move stuff but got another funny story. Amongst other Thralls we have a fighter named Liam. Since he only got 1400 hp we use him as a helping hand in cities (we got him 15 times). Since we don’t want our good fighters get killed by bugs.
So about 4 days ago Liam and my girlfriend decided to head to the city. But after following her out of our Gate he vanished. After leaving the Area and reentering we found him. He was dead by the campfire inside our house. He must have burned his toe on it or died of starvation :joy: poor Guy… well Liam #2 is alive for 4 Days now xD.

:joy: long live Liam
At least he died well comfy by the fire …or in it

Indeed :smiley:
Well I have to say with my Archers I had the least issues. I have around 70 deployed around my perimeter. Only one glitched trough foundations, but I was able to recover it. Pretty happy that I was able to since all of them are wearing flawless epic heavy and a dragonbonebow xD. Sometimes I see them walking back to their spot when I come home, I assume they were watching the dancers while I was away, those nasty thralls :joy:

Yeah fighters are pretty useless
I fight a newb gator and the freakin fighter 3 takes out his blade then strides up the the gator taking about 2 mins and will not strike until he is 1 inch from it , with it lunging and moving is like never.
Not to mention my entertainer has freakin burlap bags on his hands to fight with ! Bags?!? Really?!? Who was the genius that thought up that one ?
At least hit em with a guitar or something

The bags are actually a bug throw them away. They were never meant to be there. Tamed Entertainers are meant to be unarmed.
About the fighters they got good and bad days. I once was in the city with my Fighter from the volcano, for giggles I gave him my Teiliths Sorrow with a damage upgrade. First thing he did after I got hit was charging into 5 Nordheimers and oneshotting them all with a single combo… .Two hours later he didn’t do a single blow on them even after I did kite them around him for a while.

I was in my base, got called away so left the game running as I figured I was safe. Was longer than planned and the PS4 had turned off to power save. Not a problem. Logged back in I was naked and unarmed by a bedroll in the north. When I finally got back to my base at the river, no body and no loot. Now I know it’s not how the game works, was probably just a glitch, but I’ve got very suspicious of my thrawls since then…

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