Thralls are useless after weapon change

Game mode: [Online | Multi-player]
Problem: [ Bug | Misc]
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Ok so i know this might not be an issues with some but i get this all the time and it really annoying. There are times i want my thrall to use certain weapons and if i ever change it’s weapon i have about a 70% chance that they will become completely stupid and not attack again until after server reboot next day. Can you please look into fixing this and if you need an idea on how. Just add a equipment clear button for the Thrall’s and it fixed if they think they have nothing and you give it all back to them problem solved. You can even make this part of the game call the button strip and you strip them of everything they have. Thank you

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Change Thrall’s weapon

yea confirmed, ive had luck by givin them the weapon types that they are spawned with. best for sword /shield ppl to use the truncheon btw. quick fix is to try “take all” their inventory then replace weap to first slot(s) bc if ya give them somethin to hold while their weapon is equipped, when they unequip it, they get all discombobulated.

Are you making this weapon change right after placing them or are you switching weapons while doing runs? Like switching from a sword to a truncheon, so that you can knock out a NPC instead of killing it.

The reason I ask is because they are different “bugs” there are times that it seems thrall prefer certain weapons. The other case is when switching weapons during combat the thrall can bug and be searching their inventory for the other weapon.

Both cases can have a couple fixes.

  1. Remove helmet and replacing it can fix the issue.

  2. Give them the other weapon back and let them complete a battle and put the weapon away then switch weapons.

  3. Simple remove all weapons and let them pinch until they decide to stop then replace the weapon.

I’ve had luck using all of these steps sometimes one after the other until the bug disappears