Thralls not attacking / why / how to fix

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug | Performance | Misc]
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[I’ve heard of this being an issue before, and I’m not sure if many people have figured out how to prevent it from happening to their Thralls. What I have realized is that my Thralls were attacking up until the point where they had tools or orbs in their inventory. For example, I had a thrall killing everything until I put a cleaver in his inventory in which case he was attempting to attack enemies with the cleaver. After removing the tool from his inventory I noticed the thrall did nothing and would just stare at the enemies even though he had a sword. I had to reset the game in order to reset the thrall and get him attacking again. Same thing happened with the orbs, they will throw what’s in their inventory and then stop attacking. Hope this helps…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Give a thrall a tool or an orb aside from their normal weapon.
  2. Notice the thrall will start using the tool or the orbs to attack enemies.
  3. Once you remove the tool or they’re all out of orbs the thrall will engage the enemies but won’t attack.
  4. Once this happens you must reset the game in order to reset your thrall’s attacking ability.

Hello, give your thrall a weapon and stand back…also if you put multi weapons and tools in its inventory it will rotate between them. No weapon and they will just stand there. Hope this helps.

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Hello @RJOHNSON2120, thank you for your submission!

Our team is aware of the issue with thralls becoming passive or having difficulties attacking, and is looking into it.

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this thrall not attacking thing is getting really annoying, this bug is making my thralls useless, AI thrall, artificial intelligent, want to call my thrall AR, artificial ■■■■■■ sense they do nothing but stair at the enemy

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test on a weak enemy before heading out. take all inventory, requip armor, put thralls weapon in slot one (if shield in slot 2). if they still dont attack, take off their helmet, if not still, repeat from atop a rock w thrall engaged to nearby enemy.

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This issue is definitely linked with switching or placing extra weapons & tools in your Thrall’s inventory. The only guaranteed workaround is to have two Thralls. The first Thrall equipped with only one weapon and another Thrall equipped with a truncheon. You can then switch between them as required. The thralls inventories should also always remain clear of any extra tools & weapons, however other items can safely be placed in their inventory.

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All the tips we could give:

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