Mounts/Suggestions of the Exiled Lands/Siptah

Dear Reader(s),

As I’ve been playing Conan Exiles for awhile now, it has grown on me! The following is what I’d love to see and many folks I’ve came across would love to see as well.

#1. It would be nice to have an addition to having more follower’s to be by your side as the wastelands, overall the adventure’s in the lands can be absolutely horrifying with not having the best gear and trying to progress…

(Please look into adding this for at least PVE servers and overall for the clan leaders and or solo players, maybe a mount and then 2 followers whether be your favorite lion and or your brute of a bearer to carry things alongside your pet/mount and you).

#2. Having an ability to build a better attribute build, like have decent grit, agility, vitality, a little survival, some accuracy for those gas arrows lol, and even a lot of strength for those mauls/battle axe’s or anything really. It would be nice to be able to be able to survive better with these attributes as having roughly 400 health doesn’t really cut it out in the adventure’s.

(Like being able to build somewhat of a hybrid build, but, not really and still being able to wear the special bonus clothing/armor’s, and potions being used).

#3. Make it to where folks can have an opportunity to have different mounts, like natural a basic Rhino with a basic saddle and additions to that being in a DLC, instead of having to get a DLC to have a different mount.

(It would be awesome seeing people ride a greater version of sabertooths or sabertooths in general as they are relatively large, see people riding boars as they are relatively large, riding donkeys if they were a thing, different style camels or camels in general, I know you can buy camels from a vendor, but, not sure if you can ride them, it would be cool to see folks riding greater versions of horses like a shire type war horse with jet black hair and full silver or gold or even black titanium type of look to the armor, or looking like a demon horse/silent legion style, it would be awesome to see people riding mammoth’s and the animation being you climbing up the side to get on or you have to climb the legs to get to the side and then click to ride, and to be able to ride elephant’s not sure if you can overall, it would be amazing to ride a gorilla like just have it to where when someone works hard to tame one you just hop on their neck and ride without a saddle or something along those lines, and be able to ride those big bucks, and overall just various mount opportunities even like riding scorpions, rocknoses, spiders and have them be able to attack even when not riding them, and when riding mounts, have an ability for the animals to apply bleed, poison, sunder, cripple, etc).

#4. Making it to where when we reset our feats, that we shouldn’t have to buy everything we already learned, but, to have an ability to buy everything without having to grind for fragments of power constantly just to unlock that additional taxidermy mount or war horse saddle.

Thank you for reading!



Smilodons aren’t large enough to carry a human, they’re a carnivore species built for quick sprint attacks with a long flexible spine and narrow shoulderblades, so the saddle placement would have to be moved towards the neck compared to domesticated herd animals like horses. Whilst super exotic mounts are cool, from a lore perspective, they have no place in Conan as numerous other threads have pointed out. If you’re after high fantasy, there’s plenty of other games that offer exotic mounts.

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I get some crazy amount of additional attributes from gear, 20+ maybe. I can go from harvesting efficiently to FSU simply by switching my helm. It’s really up to you to maximize that potential but that gear is there

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Getting T4 crafters to make all your equipment will sort out any attribute issues.

I made a Suggestion okay… Jeez you people on here man.

It’s simply a suggestion… I peacefully wasn’t looking for advice, I just want to share ideas that some folks out there might like and or think the same…

I want to travel the ocean around Siptah on a giant turtle mount.


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