Camels as Mounts!


Since there hasnt been a post since last January- a reminder!


I wish the camels woud get the backpacks back they was have when they was implement :cry:


I totally support this, plus caravans with camels, plus elephant mounting!
In the history of this game camels was a “station” for great changes! Camels were the only followers before 3.0 that you could stop them (order stop) hundreds meters away from battle and order them to come to you when the battle was over. Camels must be slow with saddle that has at least 30 capacity if they are mounts, or followers to walk as caravan!
But even simple mounts, why not, but i would love them to do the difference you know!

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We need three different types of camel:

  1. Mount.
  2. Pack animal.
  3. Camel that can be punched.

I think they should bring back that old appearance for the current camel, then use the current appearance for a mount version.

Don’t be silly, every camel can (and probably should) be punched.


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You are mean :stuck_out_tongue:, i never punch my Camelia. I always have one camel like a princess in my bases! They are very fragile to take them with you, so she just decorates my base so far!

camel punch


Now i get it :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. Oh poor camel, i wouldn’t do this to the poor animal, it’s like a hammer landed on her head!

Thats what it gets for spittin.


Oh please, please, please yes! Thankyou so much for sending out a renewed call on this subject @Akomo! I had been meaning to do so for some time now myself, but just never quite got to it. Camels really should be the next mount added to Conan Exiles, and hopefully sooner rather than later. Thematically they would fit the sprawling Desert biome and theme sooo well!


Camels and elephants I reckon. Hell, give us a fodder to turn the horses into zebras too. Make them a bit smaller of course. There is that zebra in the admin panel. Surely for a reason - a Darfari’s mount…

Pretty much my line of thinking too everybodyvsME. At the risk of being deemed boring by others, I feel that mounts should be realistic and consistent with the lore. For me this means horses, camels, elephants and the rhinos we have now. I do not wish to see people riding around on whimsical mounts such as rabbits or ostriches.

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